Sean Rutherford.

My hero.

In my books I mean.

When I say books, I mean the books that I am going to write.

I am currently in the midst of the first in what I hope will become a series of novels about Sean Rutherford.

It is with complete honesty that I can say that I do not know how the series will proceed or finish.

Sean has his own ideas about how the Rutherford books will go and he is not saying as yet.

Young Sean is, at present, enjoying himself in post-Soviet-bloc Hungary.

He has new Russian friends with seemingly endless supplies of beautiful girls and currency. What could possibly go wrong?

Curiously, he is spending a lot of time in places that I once saw. Sean is perhaps a little braver and more adventurous than I was.

Although obviously, he is not as dashing or handsome as his creator…


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