Memories of my time on Camino.

Rivers of Shit

We ploughed on through, occasionally stopping to observe people in jogging pants and sneakers slip-sliding on the mud. We were of course kind and considerate and did not laugh out loud. Much.

Cruising Speed

Stu barely laughed at all as I recounted my two bathroom visits. Wiping the tears from his eyes he advised me to turn the lights on, so that we could pack and get an early start.

Warm-up Speed

We discovered that much like Ireland, Galicia has a rich variety of rains. Struggling for vocabulary, we used the same categorisations for rain speed as we do for walking speed: Warm-up, cruising and flank.

Camino 23

This was a project started in 2016, when six guys who’d played rugby together in Prague set off from St Jean Pied de Port in the French Basque Country to commemorate the life of the rugby club’s first chairman, Terry Anderson who had recently died.

Camino 2023: The Final Push

Stu and I have not seen each other for a while and are seldom allowed out without adult supervision. I can also confirm that Spain is admirably served with restaurants and bars.

Camino 29: End of Camino IV

"The Camino will provide." "For everything else there's Mastercard." "You really suck the romance out it with that follow up, you know."


I was carrying an additional 16 pounds on camino IV. All of it on my belly. Of course, the copious volume of wine consumed each night was having no negative impact on my energy levels. Pah! The very thought.

Camino 27. Las Herrerías

We stood in silence, taking in the views on every side. I was trying to imprint them on my mind. Beauty is contextual. At eight thirty in the morning, on the 12th of September, I stood, my best friend at my side, gulping down the perfection all around.
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