I’m Stuart Lennon.

Here, I explore how to survive, even prosper, in this mad world. Thanks for coming by.


Who Upset the Applecart?

Still, the phones are great, Macs are better than ever, and peripherals are going great guns. Everything will be fine, surely. Apple is different from other tech companies.

Apple & The Commission

Apple appears to pride itself on devising schemes that appear to comply with regulation while simultaneously undermining the intention of that regulation. What clever dicks.

New (old) phone

I hit the button for live-chat support. The first support professional decided that it was all too much and terminated the chat. Oh.

Stepping Down

In the meantime, I’d like a phone that fits in my pocket and does the few things I need. I'll wait and see if there's an AI offering that I desperately need to have in my pocket.

Enough Already

AI. Artificial Intelligence. Apple Intelligence. Assistive Intelligence. If you’re here for a knowledgeable insight into the recent rash of announcements and presentations from the tech giants, then you have been misdirected. I haven’t a clue what I’m talking about. One might observe that nobody else does either.

Animal Magic

My friend and podcast co-host, Justin, has been bravely battling wildlife. Inspired by him, I, too, have been confronting the animal world. Now, Justin lives in British Columbia, Canada, and has a penchant for exploring the vast wooded interior. And, as every child (or British child, at least) knows, “if

Oh, look! A Window(s).

If it was mentioned once, it was mentioned one hundred times. The new machines outperform Apple’s M3. The laptop has enough battery to play video for twenty hours, and the Pro for fourteen.

Who shut the Window(s)?

I’d got to the point where, faced with my MacBook Air M1 (2020) and my Lenovo X1 Carbon (2020), I was increasingly choosing the X1. “Why?” I hear Mac fans crying. “Who cares?” I hear others crying.
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