I’m Stuart Lennon.

Here, I explore how to survive, even prosper, in this mad world. Thanks for coming by.



I have enough to send you to prison forever. I can pin the black market bomb on you. Not just you. I can paint a picture that'll have your Russian moll looked up for decades too. I bet she’d be popular in prison.”

Living the Dream: A dog is just a dog

Bigger dogs come bounding at Charlie, teeth bared and growling. He stands, silent and neutral, as unflustered as a tiny canine Chuck Norris. He’s a born anger diffuser.


“They shared a potato pancake.” A smile broke on his face and he guffawed, his laughter bouncing off the walls. Akhmad was mystified. “Sergei wants to meet, for sure.” He continued to laugh.

Writing an assignment

It’s been a week. When not wrestling with rotting food, I have been full bore on my studies. The end of July is submission day for my assignment on “Sustainable Finance”. Fear not - I’ll not get into the subject matter (not in this post, anyway). I have

Pancakes and Burgers

“I said something wrong? Tits is the right word, no?” She cupped her breasts to emphasise the point. Sean thought that Tony’s eyeballs might actually pop out onto the table.

When freezers go bad…

We made our way through the locks and security systems, and got the shed open. The freezer is a large upright unit, and all the lights at the top were off. I was preparing a bin bag, when Mrs L came hurtling past me, gagging. She was pursued by a rancid, rotten stink.


The corner room was palatial, with windows on two sides, one looking onto Pařížská and the other to the river, the Vltava. The hotel was built in the brutalist style, and some floors were being refurbished, but this, the ninth and highest was brand new.

Brutal rugby

Sounds innocuous enough. What those phrases mean though, is brutal. Picture a big strong player. 100 Kg+ running hard and fast towards a defender. The defender, of similar size, is intent on launching himself at the attacker with sufficient ferocity to reverse his momentum.
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