I’m Stuart Lennon.

Here, I explore how to survive, even prosper, in this mad world. Thanks for coming by.


Sean's on Holiday

I adored Hungarians, and still do. A wicked sense of humour, and an insatiable lust for life, teamed with a weary cynicism makes Hungarians great friends.

Going Solo. Year-End

This should all be easy and straightforward. However, whenever I start looking at these things, I am immediately drawn to doing something else; anything else.

Sean 2 - 23, 24

Play the dopey Englishman. Innocently ask the question. Gábor will take great pleasure in giving you a glimpse of the complexities of organised crime. He’s a detective - not particularly senior. Organised crime is, sort of, his hobby

Plan your Year

December is here. Let the madness begin! American readers have got a jump on me, as I'm fairly certain that Thanksgiving is, in effect, the start of silly season in the US. Everyone gives thanks for what they have, and then embarks on a crazy month of consumption and consumerism.

Images Workflow

As ever, the weak link in the process is me. I am learning, that for me, finding a solution is only the beginning. Implementing it, and maintaining it, that's the hard part.

Sean 2-21, 22, 23

Telling her that he was playing both sides would put her in a difficult position. What she didn’t know couldn’t hurt her. You didn’t rescue the dazzling damsel by burdening her with the plan.

Social Media Workflow

However, Nero’s Notes requires a steady stream of sales to keep it running. I'm not prepared to engage with the tech companies, giving them customer data in exchange for targeting, so I limit myself to putting out nice images and links.

Sean Act 2: Take me to your pinch point

Gabor gently pulled the corner of the blanket, revealing the back of the corpse’s head, or rather where the back of his head would have been. Most of it was missing.
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