I’m Stuart Lennon.

Here, I explore how to survive, even prosper, in this mad world. Thanks for coming by.


13. The Fleshpots of Burgos.

“Who knows? It’s the meseta - “ze micro-climate...” “...you could die up there” I joined the chorus. Laurent had explained to us at length, the challenge of the Meseta. “Ah you know...blazing 'ot in ze summer, but sometimes freezing too...It’s ze real stuff...”

Working Tools 58. I think.

I found this exercise a crushing epiphany. An epiphany because it quickly became apparent that the why is THE important question, actually, the only question. Crushing, because I’ve been noodling about in this area for 6 years or more, and it’s never occurred to me to think about the why.

12. Burgos

Somebody had dropped an airport onto the camino, complete with perimeter fences. The John presented us with an option; to the right we could take a main road straight to the heart of Burgos, or we could follow the main route left, following the fence line. We went left.

Working Tools: Evangelism

My guest watched, bemused, as I disappeared, returning moments later with a Field Notes Archive box full of pencils, and my treasured Musgrave Cedar pencil box. She was genuinely alarmed when I urged her to “sniff the box.”

11. Atapuerca

“Is it me, or can you hear banjos too?” I muttered. “Yup. This place is scary.”

Living the Dream 95. SMS

We all need to advocate for vaccines. Health experts need to keep testing and trialing, making the case. Tech giants need to fight disinformation. Governments need to be nimble, persuasive and clear-headed.

10. Belorado

As was our wont, we left the town before daybreak. It was cold. I know that, because Stu told me 138 times in the first fifteen minutes, (he was hungry too), and because even I was a mite chilly.

Working Tools: Timeblocking Tools

You can spend the next two hours decorating your planner layout, or customising your calendar view if you want - why not? But is it the most important thing you need to do today? Or, is that report that you have been avoiding actually the thing you should be doing?
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