I’m Stuart Lennon.

Here, I explore how to survive, even prosper, in this mad world. Thanks for coming by.


Stop it.

Life is short. You have much, much better things to do than get fired up by people or platforms that make money from the very outrage they provoke.

Five Years

I had plenty of time to consider how things would have unfolded had we been in the UK, and I’m convinced that we were very lucky to be in Cyprus.


Yesterday, Chicago lounged next to me on the office couch, as I earnestly explained that next day or two was going to be very confusing, but that everything would end up alright.

The Missing Madonna

Anyway - for our last episode (number 120) coming out on Wednesday the 13th of September, Justin proposed that we each list “ten bands to get to know you by.” Subscribe to the show. You don’t need to listen to the first 119, we were just warming up really.

Computer says No.

I also start paying more attention to health and lifestyle. Summer is not cocktails for breakfast, but there are certainly more kebabs and beers than are good for my waistline.


Now, London Gatwick regards itself as London’s second airport. In 2022, it handled 32.8 million passengers. At 7pm on a Saturday in August, Avis was closed. Why? Larnaca airport in Cyprus handles 5 million or so passengers a year, and its desks are open 24/7.


The dermatologist is absolutely charming, and a complete flirt. I’m not gay, and he knows that, but with a twinkle in his eye he becomes as camp as Christmas and cracks the one liners while giving my moles the once over.


I’m writing from the mountain hideaway, keeping myself out of the afternoon sun, with Sinéad O’Connor on the HomePods. What a wonderful, ferocious, tornado of talent she was, her death is so sad. RIP.
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