I’m Stuart Lennon.

Here, I explore how to survive, even prosper, in this mad world. Thanks for coming by.


Living the Dream 93. Who ate all the pies?

I was last skinny me in the nineties. I was living in Central Europe, partying hard. I ate out twice a day, and was in the pub every night. Gradually getting bigger and less fit. Unknowingly, I set patterns that remain with me now, 30 years later.


Something new for members. In 2016, I began the Camino Francés, a five hundred mile pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. The plan was to split the trek into five annual walking holidays. On camino, each day is a chapter and you dear members, will read them first.

Living the Dream 92. Covid Checkpoints

The districts of Paphos and Limassol have been shut down. Nobody in, and nobody out. Despite being neighbours, no travel between them either. Compliance is assured by roadblocks, manned by the National Guard.

Members 98.

The next generation is ALWAYS going to be much better. Apple would not be the behemoth it is, unless people believed that the “next one” is better.

Working Tools 50. Corporate IT

In truth, I had forgotten how complex corporate endeavours are, particularly in companies that have grown from two laptops. My own companies are small, and will remain so.

Members 97. Mini, but not an iPhone

Egged on by the 1857 Slack, I ordered a new M1 Mac-mini last night. If you don’t follow Apple, the M1 is the new in-house chip. Effectively bringing all the technological innovation of the iPhone/iPad to the Mac.

Working Tools 49. Timeblocking

If you’re looking to change up your productivity, I wholeheartedly recommend Peter Akkies courses (disclosure, I’m an affiliate) and The Sweet Setup course by Mike.

Members 96. Here we go again…

I take no pleasure in being proved right, but the US Election is going to be the most expensive no score-draw in history.
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