I’m Stuart Lennon.

Here, I explore how to survive, even prosper, in this mad world. Thanks for coming by.


A Plan

“So, your plan to assuage Sergei’s suspicion that you might be in league with the Chechens by sneaking around, behind his back, to…the Chechens?” “I see your point.”

Fade to grey

As social media catches fire about the cost of living, Russian bots will be stoking the furnace. Populists on both wings of the political spectrum will gaining funding and direction. Russian commodities will somehow get to market, sanctions notwithstanding, replenishing the war chest in Moscow.

Sean 2-41. Suspicion.

“I know that someone attacked the club. I know that a couple of black market traders were blown to pieces outside your office. Coincidence? I doubt it. Tell me, Sean. Who knew those traders were working with us?”

Working Tools: The Office

As for Apple - I daresay they’ll work out what to do with their glass palace. They’re no longer the plucky upstart, rather the giant with a target on its back. Perhaps Harry is right, and Tim Cook’s empire will fall to a tsunami of pyjama-wearing start-ups.

Living the Dream 109. Safely Returned

Have you removed your Kindle?” Why would I remove my kindle? It’s an x-ray machine for heaven’s sake. “Shoes please, sir.” Having removed my shoes, watch, jewellery and belt, I am then asked to pass through a body scanner, trousers around my ankles.

We’re Off!

Writing on my phone, in an airport. It's been a long time! We last flew in February, March of 2020. We were in Rome, to watch rugby, and had organised lunch with a business acquaintance of mine from Milan. As we enjoyed some wonderful artichoke dishes in the historic Jewish

Living the Dream 108: Travel anxiety

Subject to any last minute mishaps, we’ve decided that we’re going to travel. Ominously, Mrs L’s back is playing up again. The trouble manifests itself as a need to stop every 20 yards, hunched over, to rest and stretch, which slows things down a mite. This end

Living the Dream 107. A new season

Early last week, it dropped to -3 degrees centigrade (26.6 Fahrenheit) in our village. On Saturday, it hit 29 (84.2) on the golf course. It’s as though someone flicks a switch. Instant summer.
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