I’m Stuart Lennon.

Here, I explore how to survive, even prosper, in this mad world. Thanks for coming by.


Working Tools 65. Basecamp

Even before I consider the political, societal and moral issues raised, it would be bad business not to act. No company can lose a third of its team, including senior positions, and not have its performance adversely affected.

Camino IV. (22)

"Ah you know, I'm waiting for you..." Stu greeted me with the customary comedy French accent and we hugged. Camino IV was on.

Living the Dream 98. Fight!

DisestablishmentarianismYou can't write a blog, know that word, and not want to, one day, entitle a post with it. From Cambridge.org "The belief that there should not be an official relationship between a country's government and its national Church". On Friday, the government of Cyprus announced a tightening of

End of Camino III

We stayed at the front, pulling up stools at the bar. We ordered wine - and a sort of blood pudding stew. Neither were for the faint-hearted, and in what may be a first, Stu and I were the soberest in the place, including the staff.

Living the Dream 97. Vaccinated

"Ah. I'm sorry, sir. You can't have the jab today. You see all the Non-GESY (Cyprus' national health system) people are on a different list. On Friday."

Camino 20. León

There is the possibility to avoid the busy (and dangerous) main road into (and out of) León by taking the bus from Mansilla direct to the city centre (€1.65)...Tempted?

Anchor Points

The positive impact of exercise is well-documented, and walking two adorable mutts is the best therapy anyone could ever ask for. If we could all take dog-like enthusiasm into life, what fun we would all have.

Camino 19. Finding Religion

The light was truly golden, there were no other pilgrims about and we had the Way to ourselves. Inescapable though, was that Stu was hobbling. "Sore?" "No. I'm just practicing my limp." I suppose it was a stupid question.
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