I’m Stuart Lennon.

Here, I explore how to survive, even prosper, in this mad world. Thanks for coming by.



Just beyond Pomos is an anomaly; Kokkina. Kokkina is part of the Turkish occupied North, but is entirely encircled by the Republic. The only access is by boat.

Sean 9, 10, 11

Weekly briefing with the station chief was never comfortable but at least today he had something to report. Russian organised crime was huge and impervious to local law enforcement. Gangs were well established in Central Europe, and were expanding into New York and London.


pri·​or·​i·​ty | \ prī-ˈȯr-ə-tē Plural: priorities 1a: the quality or state of being prior b: superiority in rank, position, or privilege 2a: precedence in date or position of publication b: legal precedence in exercise of rights over the same subject matter: a preferential rating especially: one that allocates rights

Sean 7 & 8

Neither Sean, nor his colleagues paid any attention to the man sat in the bar across the platform. He had travelled in the carriage behind them on the metro from Vaci utca. He paid no attention to anything but them.

Living the Dream 103. The Covid Hokey-Cokey

Ahh...thank God that's over. What? Not over? Where's my mask? This is my current internal dialogue. I've been double-jabbed, as has Mrs L, and most, if not all of our friends. There are pretty much no restrictions that impact us, other than the requirement to wear a mask inside

Sean 5 & 6

"For twenty seven thousand forints, you should keep car. Always telephone taxi. Never from street. Never from outside pub. Never from outside airport. Phone. You understand?"

Pizza and Pimms

My wife was born and raised in London, but in an Italian family. This final is her dream tie. She'll be supporting Italy (loudly), but if the Azzurri are to lose, then to England at Wembley is the best possible other result.

Sean. Scenes 3&4

Budapest itself had a Gallic accent. The buildings either side of the avenue would not have looked out of place on Boulevard Haussmann. Sean half-expected to come across the Galleries Lafayette.
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