Stuart Lennon

Stuart Lennon

Stuart is the writer, interrupted of the title on this website and its accompanying podcast.

Who shut the Window(s)?

I’d got to the point where, faced with my MacBook Air M1 (2020) and my Lenovo X1 Carbon (2020), I was increasingly choosing the X1. “Why?” I hear Mac fans crying. “Who cares?” I hear others crying.

Fun Mail

One issue is that Windows plans to discontinue the Mail application, sending me back to Outlook. Also, there's something dissatisfying about having different applications on each device.

Mail. Seriously.

Whimsy? Piss off. I'm working here. Outlook wears a tie.

You've got Mail

Outlook has become a complex edifice, demonstrating how smart, organised, and hard-working we are. A personnel question in 2017? Just hang on, and I'll pull up the email. Paper clip expenditure in June 2021? Wait one, I'll pull up the approval.

It's just a Window(s)

That data is entirely useless to me, but it's there. I even installed a menu bar utility to manage my menu bar utilities and how they display on my desktop. It's getting Kafka-esque!

Close the Window(s)!

This is very much NOT the way. Windows is all together a primmer operating system than MacOS. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Writing on the Window(s)

While thinking about writing, I do like stripped-down markdown editors. I don't draft blog posts in Word, and I'm not sure I'd want to. I suspect moving text from Word to a web platform might be a little fiddly. That said, I will have

Installing Windows

In true scientific fashion, I've turned the notification off.
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