Stuart Lennon

Stuart Lennon

Stuart is the writer, interrupted of the title on this website and its accompanying podcast.

Sean Act II, 27 & 28

“Roubles and forints of, shall we say, “dubious provenance” turned into shiny pristine dollars, tax-paid for anything less than 25% is a fantastic deal, Sean. The structure you designed is good. Inventive and complex.

Screaming in my sleep

Two nights in a row, I've woken Mrs L, screaming in my sleep. That's bad enough, but worse, it means that I face the Sicilian Inquisition each morning. (And nobody expects the Sicilian Inquisition.)

Sean, Act II, 25 & 26

Sean struggled not to blow his cheeks out. There was no way he could handle double the business without finding a way of managing the cashflow. This way - he could pick and choose what went through the business and what was traded directly with the black market.

Back to School

But, I'd like to get a degree. Finish what I started. Post-modernism in the media? Thanks, but no. Something more relevant perhaps?


Nothing lasts forever, and nor should it, I guess. But it would be nice if my novel ideas stuck around for a decade or two; just in case I actually get around to finishing one.

Focus Course Academy

First of all - Focus is a road, not a destination. Spending a little time assessing where my focus and attention is being spent is a good investment.

Merry Inbetwixmas

They are the weighted blanket of the year. Recovery days in the race of life. Several times, I've stood at my computer, willing myself to write. Then, I've gone upstairs for a chocolate or twenty-eight. I've put the TV on, picked up my phone and checked in on social media.

Working Tools - Minimalism

Another day, another setup. My friend, Amanda, noted in a letter that she had listened to an episode of Stationery Adjacent and marvelled at the amount of kit that co-host Justin and I went through. I have been thinking about where I am spending my time. Like many people I
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