Stuart Lennon

Stuart Lennon

Stuart is the writer, interrupted of the title on this website and its accompanying podcast.

Sean III: The Chechens

Sean turned up his collar and stepped out of the car, closing the door quietly. The car moved off instantly. “That will be a no, then…” Sean thought. He pulled his coat tighter, shivering. Snow had begun to fall. “Dark, snowing, a secret meeting and you in a trench coat too.”

Sovereignty of the Individual

No working on Sunday? What - even the poor people? Who’ll make brunch? Or park the car? Masturbat… look. What business is this of yours? A sin you you say? Well you can go forth and multiply, my friend. If a chap fancies a hand shandy, that’s between him and his laundry-wallah.

Sean III: Sergei

“If the cavalry are needed, then you’re already dead.” The Russian was unemotional.

Living the Dream. Legless

Two things that will get me to the Doctor are the smell of my own flesh rotting, and sheet lightning pain, so off I went on Monday.

Writer’s Block

For the sake of completeness, it was a game of cricket between New Zealand and England that lasted a full five days, and involved slips in the slips, pulls, hooks, drives and cuts and a fair amount of short legs and silly mid-offs.

Sean III.

He put the kettle on, noticing the slight tremor in his hand. It might be his plan, but sitting down with the Chechens was a daunting prospect. Maybe he’d have tea too.

Sean II. Plotting

“And in return, we let him go?” “No. We make him think we’re letting him go.” She thought for a moment. “Not exactly cricket, John.” “No. Strictly business.” His tone was flat. She’d not realised he was so dispassionate, ruthless even. “Very well. How do we do that?”

quo vadis?

And, at the same time, governments created schemes to give huge sums of money to businesses and voters (and close personal friends, of course). A magic trick. Surely? Yes, it is. What those clever politicians did, was print money. They needed money, so they made it up. (Don’t try this at home.)
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