Stuart Lennon

Stuart Lennon

Stuart is the writer, interrupted of the title on this website and its accompanying podcast.

Sean: The Intercontinental

“That a Russian mafia group was taking over from us, and that all the top men were meeting here in the restaurant to celebrate the conquest of Prague. They expected a battle. Hence all the hardware.”

Anti social media

I’m keen to waste less time, or as Seneca has it, live well. As a consequence, I’m taking a look at where I spend my time. To borrow from Marie Kondo, “does it bring me joy?”

Sean. Escape

Everyone froze. All through dinner, the volume for the main dining room had grown. Male and female voices laughing. Ivan’s dancing girls had lightened the atmosphere considerably. Suddenly, and inexplicably there wasn’t a sound.


The rain is neither timid nor fierce. It’s implacable. Rivers from across the garden taking water away to the road. The dogs curl on the couch, burying noses under paws, eyes closed to the weather.

Sean. U Holubů

Zelimkhan sat back and roared with laughter. “Did he indeed? I believe our hosts, the Czechs, have a saying; “stupid like a fox”. I think you might be stupid like a fox, Jana. Very well. Let’s eat.”


When I open the (Mac) app, I get a blank page. Even the menu bar is sparse. It gets a little richer when option-clicked, but not a lot. This app is opinionated. Dieter Rams opinionated. Jonny Ive opinionated. If this app was Apple hardware, it would be the 12 inch MacBook. Ports? Pah!

Rawalpindi 2022

For some, Test cricket is utterly incomprehensible, for others, a wonderful way to spend the best part of a week absorbed in a game where objectively, not very much happens. In fact, more than a third of Tests end in a draw.

Christmas 2022

So - thank you for reading, especially if you’re a subscriber. I’m really grateful for your support. Have a wonderful holiday, whether that be Christmas or something else. Spend time with your loved ones. Find some time to look after yourself.
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