Working Tools

Computer says No.

I also start paying more attention to health and lifestyle. Summer is not cocktails for breakfast, but there are certainly more kebabs and beers than are good for my waistline.


When I open the (Mac) app, I get a blank page. Even the menu bar is sparse. It gets a little richer when option-clicked, but not a lot. This app is opinionated. Dieter Rams opinionated. Jonny Ive opinionated. If this app was Apple hardware, it would be the 12 inch MacBook. Ports? Pah!

Data Matters

Markdown for the win. I'm drafting in IA Writer, making notes in Noteplan, possibly managing tasks in Noteplan, and perhaps even overseeing all three in Obsidian.

ReMarkable! (2)

“Replace your notebooks and printed documents with the only tablet that feels like paper.” So boasts the website. That’s bold, intriguing and vaguely worrying.


These “colleagues” are the best kind. They smile, greet me and then leave me the hell alone. At the end of the hour, they give me the thumbs up and disappear.

More things about Things

There is absolutely no point in having a task management system, unless you use it. So, I find it essential to check in with it, at least daily. On the other hand, to a reader’s point, fiddling with a task management app is NOT the same as getting the tasks done

All the Things...

An effective system is a trusted system. The idea is to free up resources in the brain, by putting meetings, events, deadlines and tasks somewhere else. So, the first thing to do is spew everything out of the head, into the system.

Working Tools: Task Managers

The analogue solution to task management has always been lists. “Things to do”. If you will. To solve the tricky problem of future tasks, say an insurance renewal, mankind came up with planners. But I'm off on a tangent.
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