Working Tools

Working Tools 67 Note to Self

Notes. I'm all about Notes. I own a notebook retailer for a start. Right now, there are 14 notebooks on my desk, in use. Apple notes? 400+. Plain text files? Over 1,000. I know notes.

Working Tools 66 - SNTS

In the desire to make things easier, I am constantly drawn to new workflows, services and applications. This can be very productive and efficient.

Working Tools 65. Basecamp

Even before I consider the political, societal and moral issues raised, it would be bad business not to act. No company can lose a third of its team, including senior positions, and not have its performance adversely affected.

Anchor Points

The positive impact of exercise is well-documented, and walking two adorable mutts is the best therapy anyone could ever ask for. If we could all take dog-like enthusiasm into life, what fun we would all have.

Working Tools 64: E-mail & Domains Update

I fear that hopes for a long and luxurious holiday funded by the sale of domain names that I had acquired, “just-in-case” are fading. I may only realise savings by letting my leases on them lapse. Ah well.

My e-mail

Assuming that all continues to go well - next will be Lime and then finally SL. Overall savings will be £250+ a year, just on mail hosting charges. I’ll achieve those desired savings, without compromising the “customer experience”.

My Domain

The thing with domains is that they are like mushrooms. One bit of rain and you’re inundated with the things. If I own .com, shouldn’t I own .net? What about .club? or .co.uk or .uk or .anything?


So, in what can only be described as a habit, I now have another weekly date in the diary to phone a friend. Stationery Adjacent is born and available in your podcatcher or at its very swish online home.
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