Working Tools

Working Tools 50. Corporate IT

In truth, I had forgotten how complex corporate endeavours are, particularly in companies that have grown from two laptops. My own companies are small, and will remain so.

Working Tools 49. Timeblocking

If you’re looking to change up your productivity, I wholeheartedly recommend Peter Akkies courses (disclosure, I’m an affiliate) and The Sweet Setup course by Mike.

Working Tools 48. Floating Monitors

Making that decision allowed me to close the MBP, and get it off the desk, using it in clamshell mode. Already, an improvement. Thing is, I’d got rather used to two monitors. How good would a matching pair of monitors look?

Working Tools 47. Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

I absolutely love this keyboard. One note of caution though, no matter how hard I stare at it, it doesn’t write the novel on its own. Disappointing.

Working Tools 46. Omnifocus

As I wrote last week, it was apparent to me that, my task cup overfloweth. That’s a good thing. I would rather be busy than bored. However, things were getting out of hand. “Getting fined by the police” out of hand. I have a long history with “the productivity

Working Tools 44. Ghost

From Wordpress to Ghost. A journey. Why did I move and how has it been? Read on to find out the story so far...

Working Tools 43. Back to the Mac

I’ve been pretty much full time on the Mac for more than a week now, after an extended period of iPad only / iPad first. I have just about stopped prodding the screen with my pudgy finger. Setup I have a 15 inch MacBook Pro from 2017. 2.9 GHz

Working Tools 42. Sabotaged.

The new normal has exposed the weakness of my iPad-only system. The iPad Pro as a mini-desktop is a beautiful, minimal setup. The tablet sits on a stand, in horizontal orientation, controlled by a separate keyboard and mouse (or trackpad). This makes for a focused experience. Then, somebody asks for
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