Is this writer’s block?

And so ended another writing session. My ability to procrastinate never stops impressing me.

Sean 2- 14, 15, 16

People talking to the police, it’s the only thing that can hurt us. Out of nowhere, you appear in Budapest, you appear in my club. I don’t know you, I don’t trust you. Wherever you go, I’m watching you. In the pub or in the embassy, I’m watching you. I know what John is. Don’t betray us, Sean.

Writing Workflow

I have set myself a goal. Every week, I will document a workflow. Just one. I find myself constantly reinventing the wheel. Partially, this is a form of procrastination, but I also have a terrible "process" habit.

Sean 2-8, 2-9, 2-10

He stood, returning to the kitchen counter for some wine. He rested the urge to drain the bottle, took a deep breath and turned back to the couch, all smiles. “Let me top you up.” He felt her eyes searching his face as he refreshed her glass.

Sean 9, 10, 11

Weekly briefing with the station chief was never comfortable but at least today he had something to report. Russian organised crime was huge and impervious to local law enforcement. Gangs were well established in Central Europe, and were expanding into New York and London.

Sean 7 & 8

Neither Sean, nor his colleagues paid any attention to the man sat in the bar across the platform. He had travelled in the carriage behind them on the metro from Vaci utca. He paid no attention to anything but them.

Sean 1

To misquote Eric Morecambe: "I'm using all the right words, but not necessarily in the right order." If you're not a member, this might be the perfect time to become one.

Members 57. Finding the Why

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