Brutal rugby

Sounds innocuous enough. What those phrases mean though, is brutal. Picture a big strong player. 100 Kg+ running hard and fast towards a defender. The defender, of similar size, is intent on launching himself at the attacker with sufficient ferocity to reverse his momentum.

Writer’s Block

For the sake of completeness, it was a game of cricket between New Zealand and England that lasted a full five days, and involved slips in the slips, pulls, hooks, drives and cuts and a fair amount of short legs and silly mid-offs.

Heavy Duty

Yesterday, over on Nero’s Notes, I was getting all Heavy Duty [https://www.nerosnotes.co.uk/blogs/news/heavy-duty-by-field-notes].

Rules? For Fools.

As lockdown eases here in the Eastern-Med, I finally fell foul of the rules. I have been sent to a large supermarket, ten minutes or so further away than our usual store. The reason? Pasta. The larger shop has better brands of pasta. One of the small prices that one

Giveaway Winners

Last week, I ran a giveaway for subscribers – and the winners were… Martin Seddon and Sarah Cundy. Sarah – let me have a mailing address, and I’ll get your copy of Aegyir Rises into the post for you. Amanda’s website [https://amandafleet.co.uk]


It’s about time that I did a giveaway. Before that though, some shameless self-promotion. You may know that I co-host a podcast, 1857 [https://www.1857.co.uk]. I have started appearing in another. Shelflifesitcom [https://www.shelflifesit.com/] The following excerpt was written by Harry Marks, producer, director,


My meditation begins, “Welcome to the Daily Calm…” The soothing voice comes from my iPhone. Usually, just after lunch. Full of food, I descend to my office, turn off podcasts and music and sit in my easy chair. Tamara Levitt [https://www.tamaralevitt.com] utters the words and guides me

Living the Dream - 64. Camino IV Part II

Camino IV Part II is brought to you by the magic of the internet. This post, and every post this week, has published while I am walking in Northern Spain. Last Walking Day Today, Friday, is our last walking day on this trip. If everything has gone to plan, then
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