Witold Pilecki

One thing led to another, until in 1940, Witold agreed to allow himself to be captured and interred at Auschwitz. Yes, you read that right.

The Missing Madonna

Anyway - for our last episode (number 120) coming out on Wednesday the 13th of September, Justin proposed that we each list “ten bands to get to know you by.” Subscribe to the show. You don’t need to listen to the first 119, we were just warming up really.

Gallic Belligerence

All the major cities, and some minor ones are in turmoil. At the Assemblé Nationale, the members sang a lusty Marseillaise, preventing the Prime minister from defending the policy.

Rawalpindi 2022

For some, Test cricket is utterly incomprehensible, for others, a wonderful way to spend the best part of a week absorbed in a game where objectively, not very much happens. In fact, more than a third of Tests end in a draw.

Public Schools

A public school is, in fact, a private school. Unless you're in Scotland, where a public school is a state school and a private school is a private school. Why? You don't care, believe me.

Six Degrees of Separation

I'm not sure which shocked me more, that the hero of "Reach for the Sky" was in fact a flawed human being or that I regularly play golf with a man whose mother-in-law knew him.

Brutal rugby

Sounds innocuous enough. What those phrases mean though, is brutal. Picture a big strong player. 100 Kg+ running hard and fast towards a defender. The defender, of similar size, is intent on launching himself at the attacker with sufficient ferocity to reverse his momentum.

Writer’s Block

For the sake of completeness, it was a game of cricket between New Zealand and England that lasted a full five days, and involved slips in the slips, pulls, hooks, drives and cuts and a fair amount of short legs and silly mid-offs.
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