People often ask, so I'll do my best to maintain an updated list of the tools that I use to do my thing.


I have a Mac Studio (32GB and 2 TB, entry-level cores etc) with dual monitors on a Jarvis VESA mount. The monitors are both by LG, and slightly, infuriatingly mismatched (a 24" and a 21"). Peripherals are a Brother HL-L2375DW black and white printer, and a Fujitsu scansnap scanner. I use a silver/white Apple keyboard (with touch ID and without numberpad) and a silver/white Apple trackpad and magic mouse.

Music plays through a stereo pair of space grey HomePods (the discontinued ones).

I record through a Rode mini on a boom arm and shock mount by the same manufacturer (until Justin persuades me to get a better microphone) and some wired OneOdio closed cup headphones.

Out and about, I've an M1 MacBook Air  (Space Grey but in a wooden skin, 8GB and 256GB, entry level). There's also a 2022 iPad mini (purple and 256GB) and an iPhone 13 Mini (Project Red and 256GB). I also use the ReMarkable 2 for annotating documents and taking notes.

Software and Services

If you haven't gathered, I'm an Apple fan. As such, my head is often turned by new shiny apps that wink seductively at me...


Scrivener - for longform. Paper, Ulysses, IA Writer, and Craft.


Backblaze. Apple One. Dropbox. Drive by Google. Alfred. Bartender. TextExpander. 1Password. All indispensable for me.


Microsoft suite - because everyone else does. Xero for accounts. Shopify for online sales. Daylite for my customer relationship management. Buffer for social posts. SimplyMeet for scheduling. My websites are on Ghost. I use Gandi for web and email hosting.


I record on Garageband and Audio Hijack - and am blessed in that both my co-hosts somehow got conned into doing all the editing. They really do "fix it in post".


I use Hey! for personal mail. Business mail lives in a variety of places, but mostly Outlook and

Apple Calendars, and the calendar app. Both this and mail have made a comeback, as they integrate seamlessly with Daylite.

Slack, WhatsApp, iMessage, Signal and even Messages (by Facebook). What can you do? We all operate at the level of our least tech-savvy contacts.

Things works as my task manager (alongside Daylite).

For notes (or PKM) I use Apple Notes, Craft, Drafts, Obsidian and Noteplan.


I use Calm every day, and keep a journal. Every now and again, I try Day One, but almost always, I revert to paper and a fountain pen.

That's the most of it. If there's ever anything you want to know, hit me up in the Slack (if you're a member) or on Twitter if you're not.