Living the Dream

Living the Dream 102. Done not Perfect

It didn't look great. Together, we examined the curves. Ahmed had built them by eye, or with his eyes closed. One of the two.

Living the Dream 101. Re-entry

If you can get vaccinated and do not, then you are contributing to continuation of the pandemic. The continuation of the pandemic is killing people. See the connection?

Living the Dream 100 - Ophidiophobia

So there we were. Spice on high alert, Charlie oblivious and the slitherer and I playing dead. I can't speak for the snake, but I was petrified. I backed away gingerly, and pulled both dogs close to me, out of harm's way.

Living the Dream 99. High Speed Internet

"It is. But then to bring it to your house, we need to come along that line there. He pointed to the telegraph pole." "Ah. Right. On that basis, I would have thought a ladder would be standard issue?"

Living the Dream 97. Vaccinated

"Ah. I'm sorry, sir. You can't have the jab today. You see all the Non-GESY (Cyprus' national health system) people are on a different list. On Friday."

Living the Dream 96. Backed into a corner

What have we learned? What’s coming? The Great Depression or the Roaring Twenties? I haven’t a clue. I’m determined to think about it. Preferably on a golf course, or eating a kebab.

Living the Dream 95. SMS

We all need to advocate for vaccines. Health experts need to keep testing and trialing, making the case. Tech giants need to fight disinformation. Governments need to be nimble, persuasive and clear-headed.

One Year No Beer

366 days without an alcoholic beverage. (Who would pick a leap year? Honestly.) At least it was an uneventful year...oh wait.
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