Six canine eyes and two human ones fixed on Ratty, who returned our gaze, shocked by the appearance of three predators apparently towing a behemoth. Spice and Chicago both growled, pointing at the prey. Charlie was silent, his hackles up.

Sean II. 38 & 39

“They’re dead, Sean. In bits all across the street.” She spat the words.

Sean II. 28a, 29 & 30

Look nothing. I ask you to keep an eye on your girlfriend’s boss, a person of interest to Her Majesty’s Government, and you start laundering money for him and living in a grace and favour fortress in Buda! Of course I don’t trust you.

Sean Act II, 27 & 28

“Roubles and forints of, shall we say, “dubious provenance” turned into shiny pristine dollars, tax-paid for anything less than 25% is a fantastic deal, Sean. The structure you designed is good. Inventive and complex.

Back to School

But, I'd like to get a degree. Finish what I started. Post-modernism in the media? Thanks, but no. Something more relevant perhaps?

Members - Rock 'n' Roll

At Nyugati was Total Car, first it was on the top floor at the right side tower, later moved to a storage beside McDonald's and was renamed to Bahnhof, there you knocked out three Chinese guys at once.

Sean 2-11, 2-12, 2-13

“Not as far as I know. Look nothing in the proposal is illegal. It’s just good tax planning.” “Tax evasion, you mean.” “No. Tax avoidance. Evasion is illegal. Avoidance is legal.”

Sean 2-8, 2-9, 2-10

He stood, returning to the kitchen counter for some wine. He rested the urge to drain the bottle, took a deep breath and turned back to the couch, all smiles. “Let me top you up.” He felt her eyes searching his face as he refreshed her glass.
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