Members 90

Covid is again casting a shadow on us all. Experts and politicians maintain the illusion that we wield some power over the virus. It makes them feel useful, I suppose.

Members 89. We’re all imposters.

This is how my imposter syndrome works. Even though I’m aware of it. Even though I prime myself to expect it. It starts at writing, then bleeds into every aspect of life.

Members 88. Oh boy

Cyprus is gradually moving countries down its list system - effectively banning travel from places where cases are on the rise. It’s only a matter of time until our borders are closed again.

Members 87. The Heat is on

The good news is, I’m working on Sean. The bad news being, I’ve made radical changes to the plot and the characters. Heaven help me. I’ve been editing - so here’s a vignette from the cutting-room floor.

Writer Interrupted-12

Ghost released on your personal feed this morning. If it hasn't come through, then you can pick it up here [https://shows.acast.com/stuart-lennon-dot-com/ghost] too. That's ultimately where the feed will live.

Members 86. Wordpressed over the edge

As a precaution, I’m subscribed to this blog. So, when a post publishes, I get a version of it emailed to me. Early August, I noticed that apostrophes were not rendering correctly in the e-mails. See an excerpt below.

Members 85. Home?

Hey there. How was your week? I’m delighted to report that I haven’t resumed smoking or drinking, but have meditated and exercised. Productivity is up, and output increased. Hurrah.

Members 84. Running through treacle

Before we start, an update on our very own Typhoid Mary. She’s been “credited” with thirty direct infections so far. One commentator remarked “There is nowhere on this island that she hasn’t been.” The government has, nevertheless, decided to relax some of the recent restrictions on gatherings outdoors.
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