Sean 1

Sean 1. The dull working title of my debut novel

The Editing Process

I’m a dinosaur, and the ability to go through printed pages, marking them up strikes me as much easier than trying to complete the exercise digitally. I imagine that I’ll literally use a red pen to highlight areas that need attention.

Sean's Journey

It’s done. The last scene went out to paying members last week. I’m writing this post literally moments after having scheduled the last scene's publication.

Sean. 30 Days Later

“You? I think you’ll probably far better off without me interfering.” He smiled. “Erica, you will be Country Administration Manager, and you Kriszta, won’t be Kriszta-from-Keleti any more, you’ll be Country Operations Manager.”

Sean. Deal

“I have trust issues.” She gave a sardonic smile. “I do trust you, Sean. But whatever the future may bring, I know that you will always have intrinsic motivation not to betray me.”

Sean. Wheels within wheels

“Relax. Our focus now is on legitimate business. Beginning here and then moving west. All the good guys will lose interest in us. They want to chase bad guys, not legitimate business people.”

Sean. Truth?

“Now you can see the plan. You can see John’s part. My part. And your part. The brotherhood seeks revenge. Who handed Sergei to the Americans? It was Ivan, of course. He was going to kill us too. Thank God you shot him first. ”

Sean. Choice

I’m sure Sean can have your shares held in a way that can never be traced back to you, John. All the wealth you could ever need, and I daresay we might be able to supply you with some bits and pieces of information that will keep you on the rise, professionally-speaking.

Sean. Caviar

And John. Born to privilege in England. A second class degree from Durham not really enough for the foreign office, but this is England. Connections matter. An avuncular word in the right ear, and suddenly a position opens up in “the service”.
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