Sean 1

Sean 1. The dull working title of my debut novel

Sean II: 43. Exit

You’re Superman. Not only are you the man who smashed two organised crime groups, you captured the leaders and got all the money. It’s all you. In return, you simply leave Jana and I out of it. We walk away and live our lives.

Sean 2 - 42. A Plan

“So, your plan is to assuage Sergei’s suspicion that you might be in league with the Chechens by sneaking around, behind his back, to…the Chechens?” “I see your point.”

Sean 2-41. Suspicion.

“I know that someone attacked the club. I know that a couple of black market traders were blown to pieces outside your office. Coincidence? I doubt it. Tell me, Sean. Who knew those traders were working with us?”

Sean II. 40

“No offence Sean - but that’s not exactly an A1 source of intelligence.” Sean resisted the urge to punch the supercilious grin off the other man’s face. “Well, as things stand, she believes she knows what happened, while the big-shot-MI6-guy’s just shrugs his shoulders and looks clueless.”

Sean II. 38 & 39

“They’re dead, Sean. In bits all across the street.” She spat the words.

Sean II. 37. The Office

Kriszta’s eyes blazed. “Listen, boy,” she growled. “We’re not frightened. We know how to deal with Russians. We’ve had practice. You, though? What do you know?” Her tone softened towards the end of the sentence.

Sean II. 35 & 36

“I see. So why the attack then?” “Our sources indicate that it was the Chechens.” “The who-chens?” John frowned. “Look John, I just change money. You’re Mr geo-politics.” “Chechnya is a an ex- Soviet Republic, just north of Georgia.”

Sean II. 34. Mark and Moules

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