If you smoke – go visit this site. Join the forum and interact with people.

I smoked anything from 30 to 60 cigarettes a day for 30 years. I feel qualified on smoking. I had a lot of practice.

If you smoke, you want to quit. I appreciate that you may not believe that you want to quit. But you do.

Every smoker knows that you want to quit. I know that you want to quit. You know that you want to quit.

Go the Quittrain.com and quit.

It really is a whole lot easier that you might believe.

The site is run by a quitter who goes by the name of Maryland Quitter. He is not selling anything. Nothing.

The site is supported/supervised/protected by volunteers.

There is no selling, no judging. Just quitters helping and supporting each other.

The quittrain.com helped me to quit smoking, It has saved me a fortune and quite possibly my life.

Equally Quittrain.com has restored my faith in the positive power of the internet.

When a bunch of people with a common aim unite to support each other, extraordinary, humbling and powerful things can happen.

Go along. You might even catch sight of a fat guy in a kilt.

Have you found somewhere special on the internet?


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