Fun Mail

One issue is that Windows plans to discontinue the Mail application, sending me back to Outlook. Also, there's something dissatisfying about having different applications on each device.

Mail. Seriously.

Whimsy? Piss off. I'm working here. Outlook wears a tie.

You've got Mail

Outlook has become a complex edifice, demonstrating how smart, organised, and hard-working we are. A personnel question in 2017? Just hang on, and I'll pull up the email. Paper clip expenditure in June 2021? Wait one, I'll pull up the approval.

Notes from the trenches

Time-blocking works. It works in determining the priority for the day, and it also works in putting limits around tasks, preventing what Steinbeck called the indiscipline of overwork.

GTD Reflect Engage

“Get clear, get current and get creative.” I do mine on Friday afternoon. In fact, it’s the only thing I schedule for Friday afternoon.

GTD Revisited: Organise

Things has little hierarchy, but it does have “areas”. These, I fit with my universal document hierarchy. Everything that I do lives in one of five areas, each with a name and emoji.

GTD Revisited: Clarify

How detailed you get is up to you. If you find yourself typing, "turn on the computer" then you might be going a little OTT on the granularity, but breaking the work into smaller, actionable items really does make the whole thing less initimidating

GTD Revisited: Capture

For all you bright young things a computer analogy might be that the brain is RAM and the intray is storage. Use all the RAM for storage and all your apps will slow down and stall.
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