Going Solo

Going Solo 24. A whole new world

I didn’t see that coming. Late February, I was in Rome to watch some Rugby and introduce my wife to the eternal city. As a side benefit, I was meeting a client for lunch. He had come down from Northern Italy, and was extremely concerned about something called

Going Solo 23. Action Plan Key Initiatives

I wrote last week about my review process and how it related to Nero’s Notes. I’m working on identifying the key initiatives that we will implement this year to improve performance. Top 3 1. Newsletter. In 2019, we sent far fewer e-mails to customers. To me, they felt

Going Solo 22. Nero’s Notes Review

It’s time for the Nero’s notes review. I wrote about the importance of reviewing projects here. As the rain is pouring down, this seems a good time to hunker down and get into the weeds. Nero’s Notes Review Neros Notes is a trading style

Going Solo 21. Exit

Exit. Sometimes, it’s time to get out. MTI (a company that I co-founded) was running well, making money and growing. However – we were aware that the business environment was changing. Looking ahead, we felt those changes would not be favourable to us and so explored our options for

Going Solo 20. Balance

Balance is important. I sometimes get the impression that people perceive Going Solo as a way of filling every waking hour with work. Loving Mondays For me, it’s the opposite. I want to choose how I spend my time, entirely. How do you feel about Monday mornings? I love

Going Solo 19. Isolation and Anxiety

Isolation and anxiety is not an issue for everybody who is going solo, but it is for many more than you might imagine. The clue is in the name “Solo”. I love being alone. Some of the time. I can indulge my interests, get stuff done without interruption or interference.

Going Solo 18. Pivot and Adapt

Pivot and adapt is a consequence of an honest review. If there are projects that are not working for you, then you have decisions to make. You may simply want to abandon the project, as I did with You Tube. I just stopped. Investment had been low and the output

Going Solo 17. Review

Review is important. Writing this series of posts has acted as a review process for me. I believe in experimentation, I believe in taking risks, in trying new things. However, there is only so much time in a day, capacity in a brain. Measures – Time is precious – Are
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