Wild East

Members 38. 10. Wild East. Hungary

Hungary is my favourite place. My time living there was alternated with the Czech Republic [https://stuartlennon.com/members-37-wild-east-9-czech-mate/] and the two places are permanently linked for me. I forever compare them. Budapest Budapest, and its beauty, came as a massive shock to me. A classic case of low expectations

Members 37. Wild East 9. Czech Mate

The Czech Republic is an extraordinary place. Over 10 years, I was based in Prague for 5 or so. Full of wonder, misplaced confidence, and beer, my friends and I owned the Czech Republic, or thought we did. We referred to Prague 1 (the centre), as Wonderland. The architecture, the

Members 36. Wild East 8. Taxi

“Don’t get a Taxi on the street.” This was the first piece of advice that every ex-pat got on their first day in Prague or Budapest. Economics Taxi drivers had fully embraced free market economics, with a twist. Supply and demand meant that they would supply the transport home,

Members 35. Wild East 7. Food.

I wasn’t always in the Irish Pub [https://stuartlennon.com/members-34-wild-east-6-irish-pubs/]. Honest. although the food there was excellent. It’s a terrible oversimplification, but Central Europe and I expanded our food horizons together. I had been living in France, where good food is the norm but once rent, commuting

Members 34. Wild East 6. Irish Pubs

Irish pubs were central to my experience of the “Wild East” as I term Central Europe of the 1990s. Both in Budapest and Prague, I had a default pub. In the early days, these pubs were welcome havens in cities that felt incredibly foreign. My preconceptions of Prague and Budapest

Members 33. Wild East 5. Preconceptions

In the novel, (will I ever finish the bloody thing?), Sean arrives in Budapest, barely knowing where it is. That is written from experience. Decision I was in my final year at Lancaster University, [https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/] working in the bureau de change industry when school was out.

Members 32. Wild East 4. Stealing

Stealing “I want to fire them and prosecute them.” “Yes. Of course. There are some risks.” The lawyer measured every word. “Risks?” John was almost screeching. “Yes. Unfair dismissal cases for one.” “Unfair? We caught them red-handed.” Piece by piece, the legal beagle unpacked the multiple reasons that stealing might

Members 31. Wild East 3. Buy Low - Sell High.

Buy Low – Sell High “All of them?” I nodded. My boss, John (not his real name) looked as if punched. As a newcomer, I had mystery-shopped every location of our company in Budapest over a single weekend. Multiple bureau de change. In each, I had exchanged hard currencies for Hungarian
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