Adjectively speaking

Adjectives and adverbs are often cited as the enemy of writing. I participated in a “Twitter-Chat”, called #writingchat on this very subject. Rules Mark Twain is quoted [http://www.twainquotes.com/Adjectives.html], “when you catch and adjective, kill it.” Discussions of this nature always plant anxiety into me as

Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week [https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/campaigns/mental-health-awareness-week] begins today, May 13th. Twenty years ago, I’m fairly certain that I had no awareness at all of mental health issues. I’m guessing that I had a loose perception of depression, which I would have confronted with


I have rewritten Act 1. Almost. Rewrites I have rewritten much of the initial draft [https://stuartlennon.com/draft-wrangling/]. The characters have changed, the plot arc has changed, and I hope the ‘feel’ has changed. In the initial draft, Sean made quite the first impression on my writing buddy, Amanda

Just one hour

That’s all it takes. One hour to write a novel. OK, that’s not strictly true. One hour is what it takes to get me immersed. Yesterday, I was feeling the pressure. My deadline [https://stuartlennon.com/done-not-perfect/] was approaching fast, literally a few days away. Our guests had

Deadline Incoming

Deadline Incoming. Last week [https://stuartlennon.com/done-not-perfect/], I wrote: “Should I share this timetable? Why not? After all recruiting members was, at least in part, about commitment and accountability. So – potentially to my eternal regret… * Act I – Draft 2 – End April * Act 2 – Draft 2 – End May * Act 3

Done not perfect

More Golf I’m on a roll with golf [https://stuartlennon.com/golfing-gods/]. So, I’m going to draw another parallel. The first time I played a whole round of golf, I was not very good. I had fun, hit a decent shot or two, but the round was a

Writing Secret

I wrote last week [https://stuartlennon.com/and-the-winner-is/]about the depths I plumb to avoid actually moving the book forward. I immediately set to work rectifying that, and edited the first couple of scenes of the novel. Hurrah! Momentum Monday and Tuesday, I was on fire. Then on Wednesday, life

And the Winner is….

Last week [https://stuartlennon.com/good-triumphs-over-evil/] I decided to give myself seven days to choose who was going to be the winner, Sean or Jana. Time’s up. Decision I’ll be honest. If I have decided, I’m hardly likely to tell you, am I? That said, I really
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