I have no idea what I want to write about. So, I start playing with keyboards. Logical huh? Playing with the UHK - uncoupled and then coupled. The keys are quite close together, and changing the stand clips is a pain in the arse. I have the Keychron on charge too.

Now with the Keychron. Feels tiny and awkward. A great keyboard for writing? Maybe. Maybe not. I probably need to commit to one for a little while and get used to it. For example, these last few sentences came out quite quickly.

Now, back on the UHK - that bloody space bar!

This is more comfortable to type on, but the space bar thing bothers me. Perhaps I could remap it? More likely, buy another keyboard.

Back to the Keychron: Still charging. A very pleasing sound, and everything feels very compact. Perhaps this is my writing keyboard, working alongside my Apple one - which has the fingerprint sensor. Perhaps that’s my working solution?

Now - a blog post?


Ordered a new mouse. So there’s that.

And so ended another writing session. My ability to procrastinate never stops impressing me.

For the record, I am typing on the Keychron K6, a 65% mechanical keyboard, with my Apple keyboard on the edge of the desk so that I can use Touch ID when I need it. My new mouse will arrive in a couple of weeks.


Spice had her midnight MRI scan, and overall the news was good. She’s mirroring her mistress, in having a dodgy back likely to give her grief from time to time. Chicago gets a tiny bit braver every day, but it’s painfully slow progress. When she allows me to put a lead on her, she’s pretty good, but trying to catch her remains a comedy masterpiece. Some days, I’m walking all three dogs separately.


Still going well. Eating less and walking more, mostly on the golf course.


No social media still, and precious little news either. If you haven’t tried this, consider giving it a go. I don’t miss any of it.


I missed a post last week, and it all feels a bit flat at the moment. I will dive back in tomorrow.

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