Blimey. It’s warm. Apologies if it’s not where you are, but we’re in full oven mode here. Mrs L is just returned from Sicily, where it was crazy hot. 49 degrees centigrade (120 Fahrenheit). Flames were licking the motorway and the runway as she left.

I’m writing from the mountain hideaway, keeping myself out of the afternoon sun, with Sinéad O’Connor on the HomePods. What a wonderful, ferocious, tornado of talent she was, her death is so sad. RIP.

I’ve been knee deep in my studies. I have one more taught module, that begins in September and a dissertation to get done for early 2024. I’ve just finished a module on “Digital Marketing”, a subject for which I had little or any enthusiasm. To my surprise, I found the course challenging and interesting, so much so, that I’m revamping the consultancy business and making plans for Neros Notes too. It’s great to have the tools to do most of the work myself, but learning as I go means that huge blocks of time disappear as I blunder through to a haphazard execution.

Sean in particular, and writing in general, rests in a drawer, unless you count writing copy for a compliance business and drafting policies and procedures. I’ll bust him out once the temperatures drop below 30 again.

We have a friend here in Cyprus who is nearing the end of her battle with cancer. Mrs L is incredible with illness and grief, often to her own detriment. Her empathy is like a sponge, she seems to relieve some of the pain of others, by taking it upon herself. I’m in awe of her strength.

Right. I’m off to splash about for a bit and try to cool off. Have a great weekend everybody.