I feel reasonably certain that I’m the only one in the A to Z Challenge blogging about Z for Zanadja.

The picture above is of my Mum and Dad’s house in Zanadja, Cyprus.

Actually, it is more properly my house in Zanadja. My Dad passed away a good few years ago and my Mum is returning to the UK – making the house mine.

There are all sorts of economic reasons that property in Cyprus is struggling as an investment class, but at the end of the day Zanadja is a gorgeous village ten minutes from Mediterranean beaches.

Mum and Dad had this house built in the 1990s. They had decided in the 1960s that they wanted to retire to Cyprus. They were serving there in the Royal Air Force at the time.

As the house was being built we talked about a name and I suggested Elysium which is a heavenly place of eternal rest in mythology.

Elysium was set in the idyllic village of Zanadja and my folks enjoyed some wonderful years there.

Before my Dad fell ill, he walked me around the house in Zanadja and standing almost exactly where the picture above was taken from, he turned to me and said;

“One day Son, all of this will be yours.”

I think that his tongue was firmly in his cheek when he said it, but I also believe that he felt enormously proud. The house represented what he and his wife had achieved through hard work and saving.

The house is now mine. I would much rather that my Dad was still around and the house gone, but that is not how things work.

So – Z is for Zanadja. My challenge is finished.

Phew! That was tough.

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