Lots of bloggers have been frantically googling “Words beginning with X”.

I have absolutely no doubt that there will be some fantastically clever posts around words which are completely new to me.

In itself, this is a good thing, as I will learn something today.

However, I must raise the question – Has X had its day?

Let’s be honest, if there were no letter between W and Y, we would cope.

There are absolutely no words in the the common parlance beginning with X


The closest might be -ray or -Factor.

I imagine that X ray might be replaced by Radio Image – and X Factor could be replaced by, oh I don’t know… white noise?

The Greeks have a few words beginning with X – but it seems likely that those will be lost to austerity cuts.

Language is a living, evolving and vibrant thing. I am not sure that X will make the grade.

Any modern writing resource that you might ever find will advise you to cut, cut, cut. “Make the writing tighter”.

“Look at adjectives and adverbs with suspicion. Show, don’t tell.”

‘The secret to effective writing is to keep the pace up, and not distract the reader with description or anything else that might require long words.’That appears to be the message.

I suppose that this is good advice.

Us folk of Generation X grew up with the writing of Stephen King and others, where the pace is relentless. The phrase ‘a real page-turner’ was born.

Tolstoy was for us, an examination text. I mean that fellow was just all adverbs and adjectives….


What do you mean War and Peace is important?

Well written?

Has an X Factor?

Oh No. Maybe we need X after all?



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