I've written elsewhere about having lots of irons in the fire. If you're reading this, there's a pretty good chance you're aware of many of the things that I'm doing.

For the purposes of this article - "I've got a lot on."

Over the last few weeks, things have changed up at the mountain hideaway. Mrs L is working at a school.

Before 0700, she's in the car and off to work. We agreed that on Monday to Thursday, we would eat healthily and early. So, when she is home around 3 - we eat. This fits in with my intermittent fasting regime, and seemed a great idea. We have started using a recipe service, keeping it nice and easy.

I also decided to up my exercise regime, scheduling 9 holes of walking golf each morning.


Brilliant right?

I'm up at five, make Mrs L's flasks for work, (cold coffee in one and vitamin water in the other, if you're interested.) Once the sun is up, I take the dogs for a walk and then head off to golf. Once finished, home and shower, and at my desk in time for the beginning of the UK business day.  Take my first meeting, then break my fast with some fruit and yoghurt. Trouble is, we're now moving towards midday, and I have only a couple of hours until it's time to prepare the main meal. The other issue is, I'm very tired, or "knackered", as I believe is the technical term. Still - I battle on, but find that I'm not terribly productive.

Around 1500, we eat, have coffee and catch up.

So, come 1600 - I'm back to the office for three more hours. If I was knackered before, I'm banjaxed by now. I get some stuff done, more by sheer power of will than anything else. Again, I'm not productive.

At the exact time that all projects have got busier, I've designed for myself an entirely unsustainable regime.

I'm behind on work. I'm behind on personal projects. My golf is sloppy. I'm the only person in history putting weight on through intermittent fasting. Fantastic work out of me! Quick, get me a publishing deal. "How to design a crap life in the sun." It's a winner.


I was once a night owl. Now, I'm a lark. Once I've had a coffee, been out in nature with the dogs, I'm ON. Ready. Up for anything. I've known for a long time, (and apparently forgotten), that I'm creative and insightful until lunch, say 1300. Afternoons are for low energy, simple stuff, like administration, reading and napping. Or golf even.

Time for a rethink.

That's a work in progress - but most of it is fairly obvious, I'd say. I'll write about it next week.

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