Another day, another setup.

My friend, Amanda, noted in a letter that she had listened to an episode of Stationery Adjacent and marvelled at the amount of kit that co-host Justin and I went through.

I have been thinking about where I am spending my time. Like many people I suspect, I find myself constantly in front of my computer, yet seem to be achieving less.

Whenever David Sparks, the multi-potentialite's multi-potentialite, talks of contextual computing on one of his podcasts, I listen that little bit more carefully.

Many books of late focus on the challenge of living intentionally and managing overload. Anything by Cal Newport, or Greg Mckeown for a start. I recently finished Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman.

It feels as though the universe is conspiring to push me in a certain direction.

My instinctive reaction is, of course, to find some new hardware, software and productivity tools to make life more simple. I perpetually twist minimalism to provide a justification for buying the several things that will revolutionise my workflows and efficiency.

A new phone will make things better. Oh - and a new computer. What I really need is a much smaller phone, but a much bigger computer.

However, even Apple is on the conspiracy. Back in October, I ordered a new phone and a new iPad. However - for one reason or another, Apple can't get it together, and I still don't have my shiny new things. I'm having to use my 4 year old phone! The ignominy of it. Turns out, the old phone works fine. The lack of an iPad mini doesn't seem to have destroyed my life either. I am a couple of thousand pounds better off though. Still - in 2022 they will release the big iMac. A powerful iteration on the M series of Apple silicon. It will be bigger, faster and much prettier than my existing Mac-mini and monitor. I envisage buying one at the higher end of the specification spectrum with lots of memory and storage. It's not released yet, but I suspect I wouldn't get much change from £5,000.

£7,000 should get me right up to date.


I can keep the current phone going, until it's unable to do the things I need it to do. I'll try to struggle along without an iPad mini. Perhaps for computing, I'll see what I can do with the perfectly adequate one I currently have. It won't last forever, this good sense. I buy new tech because I enjoy it, but perhaps I don't need to spend quite so much, quite so often.


I have setup the Mac on my shelves - an improvised standing desk. There, I will podcast, and be corporate. My actual desk will be analogue, but with mobile computing available. This place is for thinking and writing.

This is my attempt at contextual computing - standing to get work done, which should dissuade me from idle browsing.

The desk is uncluttered. Absent of distraction.

The theory is that I've done a little less damage to the environment, made it easier for myself to concentrate and waste less time, and saved myself a chunk of change.

Naturally - I can't possibly save myself money. So I'm going to spend it on something else. Studying perhaps...

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