It turns out that some people don’t have this essential piece of kit.

How people can live without an armalite is beyond me. How do they sleep at night? I mean, what use are you going to be in an organised militia if you don’t have an assault rifle? How can you defend your property? Or your school?

After the terrible events in Uvalde, Texas, we need to get AR-15s into the hands of all teachers, school janitors and lunch-ladies. If we can build in proper defensive positions at school entrances, then we will be able to repel all-comers. In actual fact, what we need to do is get the kids to take some responsibility for their own safety. Kids have been free-loading too long. A Heckler and Koch MP5 semi-automatic can be got for $512.99 or just $30.04 a month. Bargain!

People are making the above arguments. With a straight face. "To prevent mass shootings, we need more guns in more hands."

It's horrible.

I’m not making light of these horrific events. It’s terrible that they continue to happen.

I thought I’d have a mosey around the internet.

Owning an AR-15 is as uniquely American as baseball, apple pie and the Second Amendment. It’s a classic example of American exceptionalism, independence and ingenuity—all the things that make us the land of the free and home of the brave."


Tempting though it is to explore the origins of baseball or apple pie, the quote above gives a glimpse of the narrative that powers the gun lobby. Many Americans associate gun ownership with their identity. Given the polemic nature of modern discourse, gun-owners fear that “liberals” are coming for their guns, stripping away part of their identity.

People don’t like being told what to do. Americans are most definitely not fond of Brits telling them what to do. Still, I’ve never let that bother me.

The majority of American gun owners support increased background checks, but the legislation never gets passed, because the Senate (or a significant part of it) will not allow it. Why not?

Two reasons.

  1. Lobby funds. The National Rifle Association and similar organisations provide a lot of funding for politicians prepared to support legislation that helps the weapons industry and block legislation that might hurt it.
  2. Primaries. Lobbyists are smart. Should a politician waver, the lobbyists look to alternative politicians from the same side made of “stronger stuff”. They paint the waverer as “weak” and promote a new candidate with “down to earth” strength and pragmatism. Republicans in red states are not scared of the Democrats, they’re scared of “redder” Republicans.

In effect, these lobbyists are doing such a good job, that they are able to push their own commercial agenda against the wishes of BOTH sides of the argument. Impressive. But lethal.

Do we need a conversation about why so many Americans feel moved to kill so many others? Sure we do. But first - we need to look at the organisations who fund the narratives that play to the fears of the people.

Think about it a second.

How can it be that gun sales keep growing despite the mass of evidence that more guns makes for more mass shootings?


If I’m a lobbyist, I recognise the opportunity that a mass shooting provides. First, a whole bunch of libertarians start frightening my market. Threatening to take away their guns. I lean into that. Fear sells ammo. Then I reassure my market. Fear not - we have the guys to block the senate. We believe in defending your rights. (Donations please.)

I use my money to ensure that my guys know that one step out of line, and I’ll have them replaced. What does Ted Cruz fear? Irrelevance. If he’s pushed out of the Republican Party, he’s finished. What’s he going to do? Join the Democrats?

It’s not a hugely complex Gordian knot. It’s not an intricate conundrum.

It’s money.

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