I like a good watch. Actually, I like several good watches.


Back in 1993, I left University and took a full time role in the foreign exchange industry. Not in a London trading room, but in Budapest. I boarded the plane with only an approximate idea of where Budapest was and what it would be like.
On Vaci Utca, I passed a Tag Heuer store every day. Within weeks, I had decided that as an “expat professional” I needed a good watch. When my first pay check arrived, I bought one.

My Tag, a good watch

Over the next twenty five years or so, I picked up several more watches, either on impulse, as a gift or through inheritance. I even have a pocket watch. Part utility item, part jewellery, I like a good watch.


Then along came Apple. Having established themselves as ever-present on my desk, in my briefcase and in my pocket, the fruit-folk were after my wrist. I resisted. Why on earth would I need a notification on my wrist when I’m forever switching them off on all my other devices, one of which is already on my person? However, I did find myself wearing a Fitbit. I was trying to lose weight and was on the 10,000 step wave. It was only a matter of time before I was seduced by Apple Watch, if only for its fitness tracking.

I like a watch and the Apple Watch is that, and much more. I’ll be honest, I don’t know how to use much of the functionality.

What do I use Apple Watch for:

  1. The time.
  2. My steps, my “standing hours” and my “active minutes” and “active calories”.
  3. Calorie burn during workouts.
  4. It keeps me available (if I want to be) when swimming.
  5. As a quick notification centre; a triage, if you like.
  6. The weather forecast.
  7. My calendar

Hang on. I use this thing a lot.


Often, I ache for the analogue. I switch to a dumb phone, and wear a “Slo-Jo Watch”.

When I do, I miss the watch more than the phone, which surprises me every time.