There is a new camera in the bag. Actually, it’s not in the bag, it’s in the pocket. That’s the point.

“The best camera is the one with you” or versions thereof, is often attributed to photographer Chase Jarvis, and he may have been the first to say it, I don’t know. I can’t doubt the veracity of it.

Existing Kit

I have a good iPhone, and it takes excellent snaps. I have no doubt that with sufficient effort, I could learn to harness its power. But, it’s not a camera. It’s a computer. My whole office lives in there. Social media and the internet too. Sure, I’m likely to have it with me at all times, but I’d like to leave it in my pocket.

I have been taking more photographs with my DSLR, a Nikon D3300, and working through the basics of the craft. Learning. It’s a great camera with more capability than the person carrying it. Pocketable; it isn’t. I can wear it around my neck, or carry a bag. Those are my choices.


I really don’t like carrying a bag if I don’t have to. Nor, am I a fan of having an ostentatious DSLR around my neck. So began my quest for a camera that is portable, powerful, and not a phone. After lots of research, and advice from some smart people, I plumped for a Ricoh GR III.

New Camera


There is a steep learning curve, upon which I have just embarked. I know, beyond any doubt, how to take unfocused photographs. Fortunately, I am getting the knack of taking focused ones too.

I intend to make “Rick” my constant companion, so that it becomes “the one with me”. I’ll learn by doing, and when I can’t work something out, I’ll dig out the manual and search for the answer. For reasons unknown, Amazon sent me a French-market camera, and though my French is OK, I might struggle with some of the more technical words, so I downloaded an English version. Just in case.

First Thoughts

Observations on the new camera thus far:
1. No view finder. Takes some getting used to – I’m considering the accessory, but will persevere. It may just need some time.
2. Light. There’s no inbuilt flash, so taking photos in low light takes a little more thought and creativity.
3. Wow. It’s clever.

Photography ticks multiple boxes for me. It gets the gears turning in my head, captures memories, and provides shots for the notebook business, and this blog.

I’m not very good at it, but I’ll get better.