As any second-row forward will tell you, a front-row is just three fat blokes without the support, power and agility of a good second-row. (You should understand that second row forwards do talk a load of nonsense.)

Concerned that the Front-Row were likely to get lost without adult supervision, a brave second-row forward has freed up his calendar to get us across the Pyrenees.

Three is now four. Welcome Jean-Christophe Poussou.

For any new readers – we four are walking a week of the Camino de Santiago in memory of our great friend and prototype grumpy old man – Terry Anderson. Lucky for you – there is a link on the sidebar of this site where you can donate a few Euros to a magnificent hospice in Ireland who were a huge help and comfort to Terry and his family. Go on. You can afford a few Euro.

To give you an indication of just how much the team is strengthened by JC’s addition, he once came into the bar, looking perplexed.

“Hi JC! What’s up?”

“I just came to see if I was here…”

We are now truly invincible.

How bad could it be?