In a development that I didn’t see coming, I appear to have tapped into my inner-cryer. I think it is a positive development in terms of emotional maturity, although it’s a mite inconvenient when arriving unexpectedly.

I was listening to Dan Snow interviewing Max Eisen, an Auschwitz survivor. As you may imagine, it’s not an easy listen at any point, but it was so engrossing that I kept striding away on the treadmill, gripped by Mr Eisen’s humble, matter-of-fact recollections. At around forty-five minutes, I reached my horror tolerance maximum and burst into tears. I stopped the treadmill and took a break outside, weeping openly. I’m deliberately not telling the specific story that set me off because you should listen. You really should. Everyone should. Maybe that way, when politicians start employing the rhetoric of the holocaust, of genocide, people will turn away in disgust. That is the only acceptable response. Mr Eisen has written a book too.

I recovered my sang-froid and returned to the gym for resistance work. Chris, the owner of the gym and my cheerleader-in-chief, tapped me on the shoulder. “You are angry today. It’s good.”

The last few days, I’ve been struggling health-wise. I’m convinced it’s an extremely serious affliction, although my wife tells me it’s a cold. Bravely fighting off the man flu, I watched the first part of “Breathtaking”, an ITV dramatisation of a UK hospital in the first days of the COVID-19 Pandemic. I was off again, tears welling up.

ITV is on fire at the moment. First, “Mr Bates vs the Post Office,” and now this. Brilliant TV. There are a couple more parts which I look forward to. I checked in on X (Twitter) for some initial reviews.

Oh. The top ten tweets were from people who believed COVID-19 was an elaborate hoax. That’s the way of things now, I guess.

So. Allow no politicians to spout hateful, genocidal nonsense, crying is good and X (Twitter) is crap. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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