Working Tools

Working Tools 40. HEY for Work

I’m a paid up subscriber to the new email service that I wrote about last week. I’m on the lists for custom domains and work accounts. My personal mail has gone from needy and demanding, to chilled and supportive. I have no notifications switched on, and when I

Working Tools 39. Hey! Yay! Nay?

Today, I’m writing about the dance craze sweeping the nation. Only kidding. I’m still blethering on about e-mail. I have been trialing Hey for more than a week. I’ve read the manifesto (seriously, there is one), watched the 37 minute walk-through, and a ninety minute “Q &

Working Tools 38. E-mail Revisited

A huge attraction of going iOS-only, or iOS-first, is simplicity and focus. iPad can do all sorts of multi-tasking, but for me, works best as a single-focus device. Accepting that my corporate work is easier done on macOS than iOS, has redirected my thinking on workflows. E-mail I have three

Working Tools 37. HEY

Heard of Basecamp? It’s a collaboration tool for remote teams. Well, the guys behind it have been working on re-imagining e-mail. The aim is to put the user in charge. Privacy-driven, workflow-oriented, with some additional clever elements. It’s called HEY. If you have a half hour, go check

Working Tools 36. Horses for Courses

I’m self-aware enough to know, that whining about whether to use one highly-priced bit of tech over another, is easily seen as a humble brag, or a first world problem. Certainly, in the context of our world today, it’s entirely insignificant. Still winds me up though. The Dream

Working Tools 35. The Domino Effect

I wrote only last week about breaking stuff. Turned out that my migration of the Lime website wasn’t quite as successful as I’d hoped. The theme wasn’t responsive, and activating the menu on a tablet or smart phone, overlaid the menu choices on the current

Working Tools 34. Breaking stuff

Limeconsulting.com is the website for my company Lime Training and Consultancy Ltd. It’s website was awful. Unloved, unmaintained and creaking under the weight of updates not completed. It had been designed, by someone else, using a plugin, that I don’t understand. Changing a phone number on the

Working Tools 33. iPad Pro - Fight!

An iPad is not a laptop. Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. YES, IT IS! NO, IT ISN’T! People do like to get tribal. The internet is getting all shouty about the latest must-have accessory from Apple. The tech colossus has released a software update that greatly
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