Working Tools

Working Tools: The Office

As for Apple - I daresay they’ll work out what to do with their glass palace. They’re no longer the plucky upstart, rather the giant with a target on its back. Perhaps Harry is right, and Tim Cook’s empire will fall to a tsunami of pyjama-wearing start-ups.

Little Slips

Effortless organisation. That’s what I want. A system that’s instinctive, forgiving and easy on the eye. That’s not too much to ask for, is it? No? Well, while we’re here, I’d also like extendibility and expandability. A system that can grow with my needs.

E-mail Workflow

Shouldn’t I be present in the moment? Disconnected from my e-mail? You people should be charging me for this. It’s like therapy.

Awww. Cute.

In 1996, Motorola released the Star-Tac, the first flip phone. There it was. Proof that Star Trek wasn't fiction, it was a prediction. "Beam me up Scotty!" Oh! That never got old. The better your job, the smaller your phone got.

Catching thoughts before they float away

Be sure that I've considered it. Beautiful walnut slip cases, rammed full of intelligent, diligent notes, neatly cross-referenced; what's not to love? It's right up my alley.


I'm part of a small group, called Treehouse. We operate as a mastermind group, supporting each other and keeping ourselves accountable. Hollie (who has a very covetable treehouse), asked me to share a little more about my evolving Notecard system.


Nothing lasts forever, and nor should it, I guess. But it would be nice if my novel ideas stuck around for a decade or two; just in case I actually get around to finishing one.

Focus Course Academy

First of all - Focus is a road, not a destination. Spending a little time assessing where my focus and attention is being spent is a good investment.
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