Working Tools

My e-mail

Assuming that all continues to go well - next will be Lime and then finally SL. Overall savings will be £250+ a year, just on mail hosting charges. I’ll achieve those desired savings, without compromising the “customer experience”.

My Domain

The thing with domains is that they are like mushrooms. One bit of rain and you’re inundated with the things. If I own .com, shouldn’t I own .net? What about .club? or .co.uk or .uk or .anything?


So, in what can only be described as a habit, I now have another weekly date in the diary to phone a friend. Stationery Adjacent is born and available in your podcatcher or at its very swish online home.

Working Tools 60. The Heykey-Cakey

MS Outlook. Good grief. Next time you have a moment, take a look at Outlook on Mac or Windows. A quick glance at it almost provokes an anxiety attack.

Working Tools 58. I think.

I found this exercise a crushing epiphany. An epiphany because it quickly became apparent that the why is THE important question, actually, the only question. Crushing, because I’ve been noodling about in this area for 6 years or more, and it’s never occurred to me to think about the why.

Working Tools: Evangelism

My guest watched, bemused, as I disappeared, returning moments later with a Field Notes Archive box full of pencils, and my treasured Musgrave Cedar pencil box. She was genuinely alarmed when I urged her to “sniff the box.”

Working Tools: Timeblocking Tools

You can spend the next two hours decorating your planner layout, or customising your calendar view if you want - why not? But is it the most important thing you need to do today? Or, is that report that you have been avoiding actually the thing you should be doing?

Working Tools: Habit Tracking

In days, my productivity sky-rocketed. I was less anxious. More relaxed. More focused. There! Abandon all your habits for productivity. I shall write a book on it immediately. ;-)
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