Working Tools

Working Tools: Timeblocking Tools

You can spend the next two hours decorating your planner layout, or customising your calendar view if you want - why not? But is it the most important thing you need to do today? Or, is that report that you have been avoiding actually the thing you should be doing?

Working Tools: Habit Tracking

In days, my productivity sky-rocketed. I was less anxious. More relaxed. More focused. There! Abandon all your habits for productivity. I shall write a book on it immediately. ;-)

Working Tools. Boiling the frog

I would recommend every single app and service above. Individually, each is excellent. However, it’s astonishing how these reasonable fees add up to an unreasonable total.

Inspire 3

"A windows minimalist markdown editor for notes and distraction-free writing." I was talking with TJ on 1857 about transitioning some of my work from MacOS to Windows. I moved in the opposite direction in 2010, and apart from a brief dalliance with a Chromebook, have been in the fruit-based ecosystem

Working Tools 51. Contextual Computing

In the way of an overgrown spoilt child, I had justified to myself the need for a new computer. Apple released the M1 chip, and the benchmarks were incredible.

Working Tools 50. Corporate IT

In truth, I had forgotten how complex corporate endeavours are, particularly in companies that have grown from two laptops. My own companies are small, and will remain so.

Working Tools 49. Timeblocking

If you’re looking to change up your productivity, I wholeheartedly recommend Peter Akkies courses (disclosure, I’m an affiliate) and The Sweet Setup course by Mike.

Working Tools 48. Floating Monitors

Making that decision allowed me to close the MBP, and get it off the desk, using it in clamshell mode. Already, an improvement. Thing is, I’d got rather used to two monitors. How good would a matching pair of monitors look?
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