Short form Writing

Then I discovered Paper. Oh my. This is a beautiful app. Gorgeously minimalist, elegant and quiet. It’s lovely. Works on files on the hard disk. My heart leaped. A new shiny application. The answer to all my troubles. I wonder how much it is?

Workflow wobbles

A brief peek inside my mind makes for unpleasant viewing. This week I have had a full-blown flounce. I have all the wrong technology, all the wrong applications and the ones that I’m using, I’m using all wrong.

E-mail Workflow

Shouldn’t I be present in the moment? Disconnected from my e-mail? You people should be charging me for this. It’s like therapy.


Nothing lasts forever, and nor should it, I guess. But it would be nice if my novel ideas stuck around for a decade or two; just in case I actually get around to finishing one.

Images Workflow

As ever, the weak link in the process is me. I am learning, that for me, finding a solution is only the beginning. Implementing it, and maintaining it, that's the hard part.

Social Media Workflow

However, Nero’s Notes requires a steady stream of sales to keep it running. I'm not prepared to engage with the tech companies, giving them customer data in exchange for targeting, so I limit myself to putting out nice images and links.
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