If you’ve been playing along, then you now have a MASSIVE list of next actions, tonnes of projects and a whole new understanding of your reference materials. No? Me neither. I find that over a few weeks, the volume builds up. I fully expected to have spent this morning constructing a new filing cabinet, but in considering my reference materials, it became apparent to me that the vast majority should be stored digitally. I pretty much got out of paper in 2015 when I sold my company. What little was left fell away in 2018 when I emigrated to Cyprus. Filling a new cabinet with dead trees felt wrong. So, instead, I’m revisiting my workflows and deciding on how I can best create and manage my electronic reference library. But I digress.

Everything thus far has been in preparation. Now, we need to work out what the hell we’re supposed to be doing. Enter the Weekly Review. In Mr Allen’s words;

“Get clear, get current and get creative.” I do mine on Friday afternoon. In fact, it’s the only thing I schedule for Friday afternoon.

Get Clear.

  1. Make sure everything I need to be “In” is in. Is everything that I need to remember in my in-tray? I’ll whizz through my emails, my notebooks and notecards.
  2. I’ll process everything from in-tray to lists, projects, reference or the bin. The target is “Inbox Zero” - even if only for a few minutes.

Get Current.

  1. I go through each list and each project. Are things done, or perhaps no longer relevant? Do I need to update a project? What’s next for Projects A, B & C?
  2. Check my calendar. Did anything in the last week generate some actions that I need to capture? What’s coming this week? What am I up to?
  3. Review “Waiting for” list. Is there anything I need to chase up?

Invariably, I always find myself tying up some loose ends.

Get Creative.

  1. What is my priority for next week? This emerges from the process above. When am I going to work on it?
  2. Timeblock. I make decisions about where actions go. Not all of them, by any means, but the most important things get slotted into the “high value” slots. (Tuesday and Thursday mornings).
  3. Someday/Maybe list. Is there something here that sparks? A thing for which the time is right?

I don’t get too prescriptive with the week planning, because most of it is already done. Things imports my upcoming calendar events, and has some recurring tasks. I add in priority items and some additional time blocks to batch administration tasks. It takes me about five minutes. I suspect that my subconscious then gets to work over the weekend. Certainly, come Monday morning, I have a week plan in place and am ready to go.

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