Sean 1

Sean 1. The dull working title of my debut novel

Sean. Return

“Nonsense. My associates will whisk you back to your desk after lunch.” She nodded that the four impassive guards. “I’m afraid I must insist.” There was steel in her tone.

New Plans

“Look Sean. I’m not a gangster. The brotherhood will continue to move into legal businesses. They’re more lucrative and lower risk. As we go further and further West, we’ll be distant from our beginnings. You and I will be a power couple, the faces of a new capitalism, one without nationalities.

Sean: Escape?

“We could run. Make them think we have been killed.” She spoke softly. “It would mean changing names, moving country, and plastic surgery of course. Not inexpensive. How would we afford it? In theory?”

Sean: The Intercontinental

“That a Russian mafia group was taking over from us, and that all the top men were meeting here in the restaurant to celebrate the conquest of Prague. They expected a battle. Hence all the hardware.”

Sean. Escape

Everyone froze. All through dinner, the volume for the main dining room had grown. Male and female voices laughing. Ivan’s dancing girls had lightened the atmosphere considerably. Suddenly, and inexplicably there wasn’t a sound.

Sean. U Holubů

Zelimkhan sat back and roared with laughter. “Did he indeed? I believe our hosts, the Czechs, have a saying; “stupid like a fox”. I think you might be stupid like a fox, Jana. Very well. Let’s eat.”

Briefing with Sergei

“He’ll do the deal because it’s good for business. He’ll approve of my concern and worry for Sergei. He’ll want to look after me. All men seem to want to look after me…” She let the sentence hang, staring at Sean.

Party Logistics

Do you really think you can have a cosy chat with Sergei and walk away? And why would you? This agreement with the Chechens, and your part in it, puts the world at our feet. This isn’t the time to walk away, Sean. This is your chance, our chance, to shine.
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