Sean 1

Sean 1. The dull working title of my debut novel

Back to Work

"But the Russians are bad news. I know the business is good, but can’t we stop? Kriszta and I will find new business, better business, cleaner business."

Party Pooping

Sean slowed his breathing. To his own surprise, he was more excited than anxious. He could see why his father had loved all the cloak and dagger, as he described it.

Party Planning

“It going to be a bit Village People, don’t you think?” Blank looks. “I mean, it’s going to be thirty men and you, Jana. A bit male.”


"An alliance with the Chechens will give us all the opportunities, we crave. Sean, more wealth, status and prestige than you could get in a thousand lifetimes. Ivan, a territory of your own. Absolute control and respect.”

Walking into Trouble

“I know, Sean. My apologies.” Sergei spoke gently. “Sometimes, being dead can be a distinct advantage in our line of business. Ivan has been looking into some other matters for me.


He had no doubt that if he did deliver what he’d promised, and SB or the Chechens suspected him, his life would literally be over. On on side death, and the on the other, prison, ignominy and shame.


I have enough to send you to prison forever. I can pin the black market bomb on you. Not just you. I can paint a picture that'll have your Russian moll looked up for decades too. I bet she’d be popular in prison.”


“They shared a potato pancake.” A smile broke on his face and he guffawed, his laughter bouncing off the walls. Akhmad was mystified. “Sergei wants to meet, for sure.” He continued to laugh.
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