Members 94. Snorting Charlie

Faced with a bowl full of water, he placed both feet into it and attempted to kick water into his mouth. This may be the first time I have ever seen Mrs L speechless, mouth agape at the dripping chaos in his wake.

Members 93. Unmanageable

It strikes me, that I have become unmanageable. I’m used to either doing everything myself, or having people do things for me, pretty much, on command. I’ve forgotten chains of command, authorisation forms and the like.

Members 92. October Crisis?

That didn’t take long. I mused on what the October crisis might be, and before the ink was dry, the White House tested positive for Covid, the President went to hospital, played with a sharpie, took a drive and then returned home. It seems the agenda is set.

Members 90

Covid is again casting a shadow on us all. Experts and politicians maintain the illusion that we wield some power over the virus. It makes them feel useful, I suppose.

Members 89. We’re all imposters.

This is how my imposter syndrome works. Even though I’m aware of it. Even though I prime myself to expect it. It starts at writing, then bleeds into every aspect of life.

Members 88. Oh boy

Cyprus is gradually moving countries down its list system - effectively banning travel from places where cases are on the rise. It’s only a matter of time until our borders are closed again.

Members 87. The Heat is on

The good news is, I’m working on Sean. The bad news being, I’ve made radical changes to the plot and the characters. Heaven help me. I’ve been editing - so here’s a vignette from the cutting-room floor.

Writer Interrupted-12

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