Sean 17, 18, 19

Three things struck him in the shower. First, he had an appointment for brunch with John. Second, he had a date with a gorgeous Hungarian woman called Jana. This revelation caused the third strike, which was the shampoo landing on his toe as he remembered her hot breath in his ear.

Sean 14, 15 & 16

A money-man was exactly what the operation needed. All divisions of the business were performing well. Both the visible, regulated ones and the others. Hungarian forints however, were a pain. I

Sean 12, 13

“Truth is, I’m not much of a gambler either. Those over there are dollar tables - for serious money. This is the forint table where amateurs like me can have a few drinks, pretend to be adored by some beautiful women, and lose a few quid.”

Sean 9, 10, 11

Weekly briefing with the station chief was never comfortable but at least today he had something to report. Russian organised crime was huge and impervious to local law enforcement. Gangs were well established in Central Europe, and were expanding into New York and London.

Sean 7 & 8

Neither Sean, nor his colleagues paid any attention to the man sat in the bar across the platform. He had travelled in the carriage behind them on the metro from Vaci utca. He paid no attention to anything but them.

Sean 5 & 6

"For twenty seven thousand forints, you should keep car. Always telephone taxi. Never from street. Never from outside pub. Never from outside airport. Phone. You understand?"

Sean. Scenes 3&4

Budapest itself had a Gallic accent. The buildings either side of the avenue would not have looked out of place on Boulevard Haussmann. Sean half-expected to come across the Galleries Lafayette.

Camino 29: End of Camino IV

"The Camino will provide." "For everything else there's Mastercard." "You really suck the romance out it with that follow up, you know."
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