Members 83. Yikes. Spikes.

Oh crap. Covid 19 numbers have taken off here. I wrote last week about concerns over there being six cases reported in a day. In the last seven days, we have had ninety five. While these numbers constitute a sharp uptick, the absolute numbers are such that it probably represents

Members 82. 2020 Reboot

I’m back. Our mini-vacation to Casale Panayiotis [https://www.casalepanayiotis.com/] was fantastic. We did almost nothing, but chilled, talked, ate, and hung out in variations of bubbly water. The story behind Casale Panayiotis is beguiling. “John Papadouris spent decades working abroad only to return to his disappearing and

Members 81. Do less. Sleep more.

Surely there’s a book titled “Do less, Sleep More”? I did find some articles on how to sleep less and how to hack your sleep, on a site that was selling multiple oils, potions and powders that would turn me into Superman. Snake oil, anyone? I digress. Last week

Members 80. Phew! What a scorcher.

Is it me, or has time accelerated? This last week has flown by. Summer has turned up the heat in Cyprus, and is playing havoc with my schedule. I’m lucky and privileged to have these problems, and they come every summer, but I still haven’t found an effective

Members 79. Victim of its own success.

As I write, Cyprus, both the Republic and the occupied territories of the North, have no in-patients being treated for Covid-19. Some days, a new case is reported, usually from a repatriation flight. Quite what the current rules are, nobody seems certain. At the Mall, we were temperature-checked at the

Members 78. Goals and Projects

Last week, I wrote about the importance of routines, and how I was defending my time against all-comers. On the 1857 podcast, TJ and I were discussing productivity in general, and the productivity industry (or racket), in particular. What am I defending my time for? What do I want to

Members 77. Routines

Hi there. How was your week? Things are changing here in Cyprus. Spring has been relatively cool, but summer is settling in now. In lockdown-relaxation terms, we are ahead of much of Europe. Shops, bars and restaurants are working, beaches are open and a trickle of tourists has begun. At

Members 76. Napoleon

Housekeeping Mrs L continues on a positive trajectory, taking daily exercise in the pool. Just yesterday, she supervised me in the kitchen. Everybody loves to be bossed in the kitchen, don’t they? Overwatch apart, I’m delighted to see incremental improvement. Episode 1 of “Writer, Interrupted”, should have dropped
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