Living the Dream

Make mine a sparkling water.

“Hangxiety”, an unadvertised joy of the heavy drinker, the stress and fear of having absolutely no idea what was said, what was done, by whom, to whom, for a large portion of the evening. I've struggled through days, feeling crap, producing nothing but a series of bad smells.

Living the Dream: A dog is just a dog

Bigger dogs come bounding at Charlie, teeth bared and growling. He stands, silent and neutral, as unflustered as a tiny canine Chuck Norris. He’s a born anger diffuser.

When freezers go bad…

We made our way through the locks and security systems, and got the shed open. The freezer is a large upright unit, and all the lights at the top were off. I was preparing a bin bag, when Mrs L came hurtling past me, gagging. She was pursued by a rancid, rotten stink.

Living the Dream. Legless

Two things that will get me to the Doctor are the smell of my own flesh rotting, and sheet lightning pain, so off I went on Monday.

quo vadis?

And, at the same time, governments created schemes to give huge sums of money to businesses and voters (and close personal friends, of course). A magic trick. Surely? Yes, it is. What those clever politicians did, was print money. They needed money, so they made it up. (Don’t try this at home.)

Living the Dream 110: Age

The point is, that if one has an ambition to go free-climbing in Colorado, its likely (although not inevitable) that a younger person will be better-equipped to do that and therefore it makes more sense to spend money on such a thing now - rather than later.

Living the Dream 109. Safely Returned

Have you removed your Kindle?” Why would I remove my kindle? It’s an x-ray machine for heaven’s sake. “Shoes please, sir.” Having removed my shoes, watch, jewellery and belt, I am then asked to pass through a body scanner, trousers around my ankles.

Living the Dream 107. A new season

Early last week, it dropped to -3 degrees centigrade (26.6 Fahrenheit) in our village. On Saturday, it hit 29 (84.2) on the golf course. It’s as though someone flicks a switch. Instant summer.
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