Living the Dream

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Over on Limeconsulting.com, I’m talking compliance again. The Big Compliance Festival Part 1  

(no title)

Over on Neros Notes, I wrote about my OYNB journal. Thought-Camera

The Big Compliance Festival

It’s a thing. No. Really. It is. The Big Compliance Festival

Brass Kaweco

Writing about my brassy companion on Nero’s Notes Kaweco

Living the Dream 85. - A new normal?

Update In my little bubble, much is happening. I watch, incredulous, the events in the US. I wrote earlier in the week, how I felt. I hope this is a watershed. The Patient Mrs L battles on with her back, slowly climbing the steep slope of recovery. Our thanks for

Three Wise Monkeys

Writing about Money Laundering over at Lime

Rules? For Fools.

As lockdown eases here in the Eastern-Med, I finally fell foul of the rules. I have been sent to a large supermarket, ten minutes or so further away than our usual store. The reason? Pasta. The larger shop has better brands of pasta. One of the small prices that one

Preparing for easing of lockdown in England

Last night, the UK government announced plans to get the high street open again. It won’t be quite as simple as throwing the doors open. A huge challenge lies ahead. I’ll be busy supporting retail financial services businesses as they reestablish themselves in the new normal.
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