Living the Dream

Living the Dream 109. Safely Returned

Have you removed your Kindle?” Why would I remove my kindle? It’s an x-ray machine for heaven’s sake. “Shoes please, sir.” Having removed my shoes, watch, jewellery and belt, I am then asked to pass through a body scanner, trousers around my ankles.

Living the Dream 107. A new season

Early last week, it dropped to -3 degrees centigrade (26.6 Fahrenheit) in our village. On Saturday, it hit 29 (84.2) on the golf course. It’s as though someone flicks a switch. Instant summer.

A Day in Court

Alas, it was not to be. The case has again been adjourned, this time to the end of May. The court is mired in backlog, unsurprising given the length and ferocity of the pandemic.

Feb 2022 Update

The false flag stuff is the standard play-acting that creates a pretext for diplomacy, which is what politicians call international bribery, (as opposed to lobbying, which is for domestic bribery).

Snakes and Sparks

Spice stood stock still on the balcony, barking at the BBQ chimney. "It's a snake!" Mrs L has the speed of a gazelle when faced by a snake. She opened the screen door, leaped behind it and closed it again in one movement.

Screaming in my sleep

Two nights in a row, I've woken Mrs L, screaming in my sleep. That's bad enough, but worse, it means that I face the Sicilian Inquisition each morning. (And nobody expects the Sicilian Inquisition.)

Merry Inbetwixmas

They are the weighted blanket of the year. Recovery days in the race of life. Several times, I've stood at my computer, willing myself to write. Then, I've gone upstairs for a chocolate or twenty-eight. I've put the TV on, picked up my phone and checked in on social media.

Living the Dream 106. Upsetting the Applecart

“Apple does not ship internationally.” What? Every single phone is made in China. Of course Apple ships internationally. Apple forms companies and builds elaborate tax schemes to ship and sell internationally and pay as little tax as possible. It’s a nonsense.
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