Living the Dream

Living the Dream 94. I ate all the pies.

Last week, I wrote about how quitting smoking gave me an enormous boost of confidence, and led to me discovering a passion for walking. As the saying goes, “you can’t outrun a bad diet”, and you certainly can’t out-walk one.

Living the Dream 93. Who ate all the pies?

I was last skinny me in the nineties. I was living in Central Europe, partying hard. I ate out twice a day, and was in the pub every night. Gradually getting bigger and less fit. Unknowingly, I set patterns that remain with me now, 30 years later.

Living the Dream 92. Covid Checkpoints

The districts of Paphos and Limassol have been shut down. Nobody in, and nobody out. Despite being neighbours, no travel between them either. Compliance is assured by roadblocks, manned by the National Guard.

Nutty November

Nothing confuses me more, than when people, in full possession of new information, make no effort to consider how that information pertains to their own actions.

Living the Dream 91. Shhh….

Fortune favours the brave, so they say, so here I am, tempting fate, and beating the reader down with clichés. A couple of anniversaries have quietly passed. It’s been a couple of years since we moved to Cyprus, and sadly, also a couple of years since we lost Nero.

Living the Dream 90. Taxed

Moments later, the SUV was behind me, sirens on and lights flashing. I checked my speed again. I was in “Kyproulla”, my 2004 Nissan March. She can speed, she can cool me with air-conditioning, and she can climb hills, but generally, she can only do one of those things at a time.

Living the Dream. 89. Covid-Judging

I marvel at our ability to pick a fight. Last week, there were more demonstrations against government mandates to wear masks. Some of which descended into violence. Of all the issues that our world faces, I struggle to understand this one.

Living the Dream - 88. - Party Time?

The phoney virus. Calm down. I’m not suggesting that Covid 19 is a phoney. According to Statista.com, as of the 19th of August 2020, the world had experienced 22,322,068 cases and 777,668 deaths. That’s very real. We are in some sort of in-between place.
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