Going Solo

Going Solo. 11. Lime Training and Consultancy Ltd.

My oldest solo project is Lime Training and Consultancy Ltd. (Lime) Origins I set Lime up in 2003. Having moved from Budapest to Cleethorpes in 2002, I was working as a barman, and as a consultant. A foreign exchange business was considering expanding into France. I had lived and worked

Going Solo. 10. Multiple Businesses

Multiple businesses is a side-effect of Going Solo. New projects can become an addiction. My Journey In Summer 2002 I got fired. My time in Central Europe came to an abrupt end. I moved from Budapest to Cleethorpes, a seaside town on the North Sea coast of England. Consequently, I

Going Solo. 9. Learning the Ropes

By definition, learning the ropes will be dependent on what you are doing. What I am trying to get at though, is the difference between a hobby and a business. Administration If you are anything like me, then you’re passionate about what you want to do, but less passionate

Going Solo. 8. Time & Space

Last week [https://stuartlennon.com/going-solo-7-make-a-plan/], I covered money and budgets. Time and Space are equally as important, if not more so. Time We hit “Time” here, in post 4 [https://stuartlennon.com/going-solo-4-where-will-you-find-the-time/]. I find that time runs away from me very easily. I have also discovered that all

Going Solo. 7. Make a Plan

Make a plan. I imagine that if you have followed these posts [https://stuartlennon.com/going-solo-1-so-you-want-to-go-solo/], then you have pretty much done this already. Certainly, you have dealt with most of the questions that need to be considered. What I really mean, is “document a plan.” Why “Write your why”

Going Solo. 6. Make a decision.

Hey. How’s it going? Last week, I promised that this week, we were going to make a decision. To be honest, if you are reading this post, then I suspect that you have already made your choice. However, I want to put a rational framework around what is probably

Going Solo. 5. It’s a piece of cake.

We’ve looked at why [https://stuartlennon.com/going-solo-1-so-you-want-to-go-solo/], how [https://stuartlennon.com/going-solo-2-where-are-you-now/], how much [https://stuartlennon.com/going-solo-3-money-can-you-afford-to-go-solo/], and when [https://stuartlennon.com/going-solo-4-where-will-you-find-the-time/]. This is a piece of cake. Isn’t it? No. Reality check Time for a reality check. Going solo is tough. You will work

Going Solo. 4. Where will you find the time?

Time The finite resource. You spend some of your time earning money to fund your life. We spend yet more time sleeping, eating, and drinking. You need to find the time to follow your dream. Time that might otherwise be spent with loved ones or on other things. In my
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