Going Solo

Going Solo 19. Isolation and Anxiety

Isolation and anxiety is not an issue for everybody who is going solo, but it is for many more than you might imagine. The clue is in the name “Solo”. I love being alone. Some of the time. I can indulge my interests, get stuff done without interruption or interference.

Going Solo 18. Pivot and Adapt

Pivot and adapt is a consequence of an honest review. If there are projects that are not working for you, then you have decisions to make. You may simply want to abandon the project, as I did with You Tube. I just stopped. Investment had been low and the output

Going Solo 17. Review

Review is important. Writing this series of posts has acted as a review process for me. I believe in experimentation, I believe in taking risks, in trying new things. However, there is only so much time in a day, capacity in a brain. Measures – Time is precious – Are you making

Going Solo 16. Sean

In Paperback Writer [https://stuartlennon.com/going-solo-13-paperback-writer/], I made reference to my Work in Progress (WIP). The working title is Sean 1. The novel exists in several forms. On Scrivener, On Ulysses and in several cardboard folders on paper. Writing a novel is a challenge on many levels. Finishing the

Going Solo 15. 1857

“Let’s call it 1857 [https://1857.co.uk].” So ended a conversation and began a podcast. I can’t reveal the detail of the conversation, as the origin of the title is a closely-guarded secret. Origin TJ was a friend of pocketnotebooks.co.uk and when I took it

Going Solo 14. Loggedoff Ltd.

Loggedoff Ltd was born in 2017. My wife, Margaret, observed that “Stuart Lennon, Writer” was messing up the house, eating too much, drinking too much and not exercising enough. James and I had examined hundreds of businesses for sale, but not found one that enthused us both. I started to

Going Solo 13. Paperback writer

I’ll become a paperback writer. We had sold MTI and I took some time to decompress. Since childhood, I had nurtured the idea that I was meant to be an author. If not now, then when? I set about converting a corner of the living room to my writer’

Going Solo. 12. MTI

MTI stood for Money Transfer International (UK) Ltd. It was a placeholder while we were writing the business plan. We forgot to change it. Cyprus As Lime, I was consulting to a Cypriot group that was the MoneyGram super-agent in Cyprus. I had managed a super-agent in Central Europe for
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