Stop it.

Just bloody stop it.

I’m sick of people who should know better behaving like total arseholes because doing so gets them attention, attention they can monetise. They must be aware their empty, insincere posturing is taken seriously by some, and weaponised by platforms to fan the flames of polarised outrage and disgust.

A drippy little Daddy’s boy has a tantrum because he loses an election and honest normal people are killed by a mob storming the Capitol. Two privileged entitled cockwombles laugh and snigger about whether they’d shag a woman with an opinion, and a young girl is slaughtered on the streets of London for declining a date. The posturing enables the violence.

A comedian gets more and more laughs with increasingly misogynistic material, and realises that he can do what he wants; he’s shagger of the year after all. Well, it’s only rape.

Lest anyone be working up the culture war, left v right arguments, let me stop you there. Bollocks. There is only one thing that we need to address.

Don’t be a dick.

That’s it. Whether you’re from the Left or the Right. Red or Blue. Treat everybody with love and respect.

Life is short. You have much, much better things to do than get fired up by people or platforms that make money from the very outrage they provoke.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.