My priority this year is “Health and fitness”. I’m using priority in its original meaning - the thing more important than any others. More important than work, than the book than anything. I’m determined to remain focused and committed. I’ve always managed to squirm away from commitments to get healthy by citing other, new, unforeseen urgencies. “I’ve been working so hard, that I haven’t had time to eat healthily. I’ve grabbed whatever’s quickest.” As if a sausage roll is in some way quicker or easier than an apple. “I’ve been stressed.” Tell me, who isn’t stressed? Perhaps as a coping strategy, go for a walk rather than stuff your face with pizza, big boy.

My friend and playing partner asked me on the links today whether I regretted switching golf courses. I’ve left the swanky one atop the hill, for the less polished one in the valley. I pondered, and responded with a firm no. I switched because I can walk in the valley rather than take an obligatory cart on the hill. This supports my priority and therefore is good. It’s oddly liberating to view everything through a lens constrained by priority.

Does the proposal support my priority? If yes, then accept it, if no, refuse it.

Obviously, life continues. Books get read, assignments written and work tasks completed, but after I have slept well, exercised and eaten conscientiously. Sod’s law dictates that I’ll get super healthy and then be hit by a bus, real or metaphorical, but hey, not much I can do about that.

I’m in that honeymoon period of the diet, where weight comes off at a reasonable pace, because my body is not used to the exertion of 8 km walks. As it gets accustomed, then I’ll need to keep the pressure on, or be content with a gentler progress. I’ve lost 6.5 KG, which is 14 pounds, or a stone in old money.

There should be a tattoo coming soon. The artist is working up some outlines for me to consider. I have two old ones - one on each shoulder, so there’s some discussion on where to site this new one, which is in a different style entirely. I’ve been hankering for more tattoos, and if not now, then when? Future corporate presentations will be in long sleeves.

Right. Off to cook a healthy supper. Tangy vegetable pad Thai (473 kcal) if you’re interested.

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