The Wombles. If you are British and of a certain vintage, then you will surely remember the ‘Wombles of Wimbledon Common’.

The Wombles had a glittering career in TV and Pop Music in the 1970s.

“Making good use of the things that we find
Things that the everyday folks leave behind”

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Halcyon Days.

This week, I am lucky enough to be back on Aphrodite’s Isle, Cyprus.

In common with many other British people, my parents chose to retire in the sun. Somewhere to relax, escape the British weather and enjoy their twilight years. The perfect retirement.

My Dad had a few short years and is indeed buried here.

My Mum gamely carried on alone for fourteen more years, but has now decided to return to the UK.

My wife and I have been very busy clearing out things that tend to accumulate over twenty five years.

I have been assured by my Mum that all I need do is pile things up at the bottom of the drive next to the bins.

I will admit to being somewhat sceptical of this advice. Surely the local authorities would seek some payment for hauling away old bedding, broken electricals, redundant filing?

We left a good car-load of things next to the bins and set off to a neighbouring village for dinner.

Upon our return a few hours later, everything had gone.

I was blown away by these excellent levels of service.

Yesterday was an intense clear out day.

Load after load was deposited at the bottom of the drive.

I also had to drive to the recycling centre to dispose of packaging in which new furniture had arrived.

As I passed through the gates, I caught sight of a deeply tanned young man carefully sifting through the loads.

He smiled and waved. So, I smiled and waved back.

I have always thought that the Wombles had been victims of budget cuts back in the seventies.

It turns out that they simply moved to Cyprus. Probably for the weather.