Hemingway Reading

‘There is no friend as loyal as a book’.

That chap Hemingway again.

Like many people I fell out of reading for a while. Not on purpose. It just happened.

After all, we are blessed with so much choice now. In the past we had a few channels of TV, a couple of choices at the cinema, our record collection or a book. All of those things were considered art forms. Now, there is ‘content’.

Technically, you are consuming ‘content’ right now.

In addition to reading these words, you might have the TV on, be listening to some music or keeping an eye on your e-mail. You might even be doing all of those things concurrently.

At the time of writing, I am rebelling against the digital world. See here. I drafted this post by hand in a notebook, with a pen. One thing that I will not be giving up any time soon is my e-reader. The ability to have a thousand books to read in a device the size of a small paperback is fantastic. Much though I love a good old-fashioned book, I’m not a huge fan of storing them.

One thing that I have re-discovered is the absolute joy of losing myself in a book; getting so engrossed that all distractions disappear. Only reading can do that for me.

Since electing to be a writer, my reading has broadened. I read classics, best sellers and debuts from new writers. I find good and bad in all of them. I learn as much from the bad as well as from the good.

Writers read.

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