A Day in Court

Alas, it was not to be. The case has again been adjourned, this time to the end of May. The court is mired in backlog, unsurprising given the length and ferocity of the pandemic.

Escalation Dogma

While women and children huddle together in basements and impromptu bomb shelters across Ukraine, Western governments cower behind that impregnable shelter that is convenient dogma.

Sean II. 35 & 36

“I see. So why the attack then?” “Our sources indicate that it was the Chechens.” “The who-chens?” John frowned. “Look John, I just change money. You’re Mr geo-politics.” “Chechnya is a an ex- Soviet Republic, just north of Georgia.”

Awww. Cute.

In 1996, Motorola released the Star-Tac, the first flip phone. There it was. Proof that Star Trek wasn't fiction, it was a prediction. "Beam me up Scotty!" Oh! That never got old. The better your job, the smaller your phone got.

Sean II. 34. Mark and Moules

Feb 2022 Update

The false flag stuff is the standard play-acting that creates a pretext for diplomacy, which is what politicians call international bribery, (as opposed to lobbying, which is for domestic bribery).

Sean II. Sergei

It was a kind of financial alchemy, turning tattered cash bills into bright shiny numbers on a screen, numbers that could turn into penthouses, yachts, fast cars and champagne.

Snakes and Sparks

Spice stood stock still on the balcony, barking at the BBQ chimney. "It's a snake!" Mrs L has the speed of a gazelle when faced by a snake. She opened the screen door, leaped behind it and closed it again in one movement.
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