Living the Dream - 88. - Party Time?

The phoney virus. Calm down. I’m not suggesting that Covid 19 is a phoney. According to, as of the 19th of August 2020, the world had experienced 22,322,068 cases and 777,668 deaths. That’s very real. We are in some sort of in-between place.

Members 85. Home?

Hey there. How was your week? I’m delighted to report that I haven’t resumed smoking or drinking, but have meditated and exercised. Productivity is up, and output increased. Hurrah.

1857 & Writer Interrupted

It’s Monday! New episodes of 1857 and WI dropped today. 1857 can be got wherever you get your podcasts, or here. WI is a patrons only podcast

Working Tools 43. Back to the Mac

I’ve been pretty much full time on the Mac for more than a week now, after an extended period of iPad only / iPad first. I have just about stopped prodding the screen with my pudgy finger. Setup I have a 15 inch MacBook Pro from 2017. 2.9 GHz

Members 84. Running through treacle

Before we start, an update on our very own Typhoid Mary. She’s been “credited” with thirty direct infections so far. One commentator remarked “There is nowhere on this island that she hasn’t been.” The government has, nevertheless, decided to relax some of the recent restrictions on gatherings outdoors.

Working Tools 42. Sabotaged.

The new normal has exposed the weakness of my iPad-only system. The iPad Pro as a mini-desktop is a beautiful, minimal setup. The tablet sits on a stand, in horizontal orientation, controlled by a separate keyboard and mouse (or trackpad). This makes for a focused experience. Then, somebody asks for

Members 83. Yikes. Spikes.

Oh crap. Covid 19 numbers have taken off here. I wrote last week about concerns over there being six cases reported in a day. In the last seven days, we have had ninety five. While these numbers constitute a sharp uptick, the absolute numbers are such that it probably represents

Working Tools 41. Customer Hostility

Why do tech companies hate their customers so much? Remember aspirational me? The one who had his iPad Pro on a boom arm. The premise of the iPad Pro is that it can handle pretty much anything. It almost can. Almost. My desire to have the screen mounted on a
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