Working Tools 70. Hot Desking

In a feat of imagination, Justin turned this conversation into a reason / justification / excuse to buy Apple's extraordinary XDR monitor. (A man after my own heart.)

Sean 20, 21, & 22

"Sean. They’re Russian. They run casinos and brothels. I’m not going to ask if they’re Mafia. Are you?"

Working Tools 69. Merging the analogue and digital

I own a stationery store, for a start. As well as the owner, I am the biggest customer. I do love a notebook. And a pen. And a pencil. Oh, and an index card. I'm sure it's a syndrome.

Sean 17, 18, 19

Three things struck him in the shower. First, he had an appointment for brunch with John. Second, he had a date with a gorgeous Hungarian woman called Jana. This revelation caused the third strike, which was the shampoo landing on his toe as he remembered her hot breath in his ear.

Covid Vaccinations

We are probably closer to the beginning of the pandemic than the end of it. Did you get that? We're not half way yet.

Sean 14, 15 & 16

A money-man was exactly what the operation needed. All divisions of the business were performing well. Both the visible, regulated ones and the others. Hungarian forints however, were a pain. I

Living the Dream 104. Permanent Holiday?

"It must be like a permanent holiday living over there." Yes, and No. Of late, we've been starved of guests. Hasn't everyone? Just last week, our friends were visited by their daughter and her family, so, with none of our own, we borrowed those guests. Out we went to eat

Sean 12, 13

“Truth is, I’m not much of a gambler either. Those over there are dollar tables - for serious money. This is the forint table where amateurs like me can have a few drinks, pretend to be adored by some beautiful women, and lose a few quid.”
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