Airport Summit

Let me work this out. You get Zelimkhan and Sergei in the same room, and then out of nowhere, the cavalry comes in and arrests everybody, including you. Then, you’re quietly released while the interrogations continue.

Short form Writing

Then I discovered Paper. Oh my. This is a beautiful app. Gorgeously minimalist, elegant and quiet. It’s lovely. Works on files on the hard disk. My heart leaped. A new shiny application. The answer to all my troubles. I wonder how much it is?

Airport Rendezvous

“If they couldn’t agree, they wouldn’t have agreed to meet. Your idea was good. This will move everything forward. I’m proud of you. Now, to more important matters. What perfume shall I buy?”

Workflow wobbles

A brief peek inside my mind makes for unpleasant viewing. This week I have had a full-blown flounce. I have all the wrong technology, all the wrong applications and the ones that I’m using, I’m using all wrong.

Tossing and Turning

“Ummm…OK, then. Wouldn’t lunch in Prague be more civilised than you barking at me over the phone? We are, after all, both going to be there later.” He sounded puzzled.

Six Degrees of Separation

I'm not sure which shocked me more, that the hero of "Reach for the Sky" was in fact a flawed human being or that I regularly play golf with a man whose mother-in-law knew him.

Sean - Handover

“Yes - and would you believe it? Mark just so happens to be going too. To Prague. On the same weekend.” Sean was watching for any reaction, any tell, anything to give away that John already knew. Instead, he saw confusion flicker across his features.


Scary. Blimey. No wonder I'm feeling glum.
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