One Year No Beer

366 days without an alcoholic beverage. (Who would pick a leap year? Honestly.) At least it was an uneventful year...oh wait.

Merry Christmas

Here we are, the night before Christmas. Covid-19 continues to cut a swathe worldwide, but vaccination has begun. Anxious for Christmas at home, UK and EU negotiators decided to get on with it, and finalise Brexit. Perhaps everything is on the up? Merry Christmas to one and all, from Mrs

Walking the Camino de Santiago

It’s only fair to warn you here - that on day 1, you are crossing the Pyrenees. As in, the mountain range. For the avoidance of doubt, that’s a lot of “up”. I trained.

4. Puente la Reina

The residents of Pamplona were, quite sensibly, in bed. There was very little traffic. All the more shocking then, that the only two cars on the road contrived to collide spectacularly.

Working Tools 51. Contextual Computing

In the way of an overgrown spoilt child, I had justified to myself the need for a new computer. Apple released the M1 chip, and the benchmarks were incredible.


Living the Dream 94. I ate all the pies.

Last week, I wrote about how quitting smoking gave me an enormous boost of confidence, and led to me discovering a passion for walking. As the saying goes, “you can’t outrun a bad diet”, and you certainly can’t out-walk one.

2. Zubiri

His foot connected squarely with a German’s field mug, sending it soaring over three cubicles, until it landed and bounced, an impromptu wake up bell for the few pilgrims not already up.
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