Warm-up Speed

We discovered that much like Ireland, Galicia has a rich variety of rains. Struggling for vocabulary, we used the same categorisations for rain speed as we do for walking speed: Warm-up, cruising and flank.

Camino 23

This was a project started in 2016, when six guys who’d played rugby together in Prague set off from St Jean Pied de Port in the French Basque Country to commemorate the life of the rugby club’s first chairman, Terry Anderson who had recently died.

Camino 2023: The Final Push

Stu and I have not seen each other for a while and are seldom allowed out without adult supervision. I can also confirm that Spain is admirably served with restaurants and bars.

Horror in the Middle East

A long post this, and unusually, not written by me. It's written by Isaac Saul of Tangle. I came across this newsletter on Twitter. Everything below is written (thoughtfully and brilliantly in my view) by Mr Saul.


The storm and I descended together, the rain smashing into the tarmac. The road became a river, until at one point, it became obvious to me that Kyproulla would not make the route ahead.

Keeping a Journal

I feel like I need a full blown toddler tantrum. At full volume, on my back, in a supermarket, snot and tears all over my face, screaming “why” at the top of my lungs.

Read all about it!

The Prime Minister himself, is grabbing every passing populist tidbit that he can lay his hands on. “Stop the Boats!” (And the trains). “Cease the war on the motorist.”

Stop it.

Life is short. You have much, much better things to do than get fired up by people or platforms that make money from the very outrage they provoke.
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