Camino 26. Cacabelos

We both were smiling ear to ear. There was not a cloud in the sky, and the sunlight was truly yellow, bathing everything in warmth. I felt it reviving me. We rejoined the road before Cacabelos, and the town kept moving away from us, or seemed to at least.

Living the Dream 101. Re-entry

If you can get vaccinated and do not, then you are contributing to continuation of the pandemic. The continuation of the pandemic is killing people. See the connection?

Camino 25 El Acebo

The path was sandy, we soon found ourselves walking through a sandstorm. I kid you not. I pulled my buff over my mouth and nose, and put my shades on. Stu hummed the theme to Lawrence of Arabia.

Living the Dream 100 - Ophidiophobia

So there we were. Spice on high alert, Charlie oblivious and the slitherer and I playing dead. I can't speak for the snake, but I was petrified. I backed away gingerly, and pulled both dogs close to me, out of harm's way.

Camino 24. Santa Catalina de Somoza

"See them? They're the Montes de León." "But of course they are. What of them?" "They're in our way."

Living the Dream 99. High Speed Internet

"It is. But then to bring it to your house, we need to come along that line there. He pointed to the telegraph pole." "Ah. Right. On that basis, I would have thought a ladder would be standard issue?"

Camino 23 Hospital de Órbigo

"The thing is, there must have been a conversation where somebody said "we'll call it Babu Afrika - Colonial Tavern!" And then, somebody replied "what a great idea!""

Working Tools 65. Basecamp

Even before I consider the political, societal and moral issues raised, it would be bad business not to act. No company can lose a third of its team, including senior positions, and not have its performance adversely affected.
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