Podcast Day

Members have access to episode 13 of Writer Interrupted, today, "Writing Again." Not a paid up member? Sign up here. Also out today, episode 136 of 1857 - "Back Office Bedroom". Free to everyone!

Living the Dream. 89. Covid-Judging

I marvel at our ability to pick a fight. Last week, there were more demonstrations against government mandates to wear masks. Some of which descended into violence. Of all the issues that our world faces, I struggle to understand this one.

Members 87. The Heat is on

The good news is, I’m working on Sean. The bad news being, I’ve made radical changes to the plot and the characters. Heaven help me. I’ve been editing - so here’s a vignette from the cutting-room floor.

Writer Interrupted-12

Ghost released on your personal feed this morning. If it hasn't come through, then you can pick it up here [https://shows.acast.com/stuart-lennon-dot-com/ghost] too. That's ultimately where the feed will live.


New Episode released today. TJ has only gone and got married! Yes, he has. "Married Life" has begun for TJ & Meg. Huge congratulations to them both.🍾

Working Tools 44. Ghost

From Wordpress to Ghost. A journey. Why did I move and how has it been? Read on to find out the story so far...

Members 86. Wordpressed over the edge

As a precaution, I’m subscribed to this blog. So, when a post publishes, I get a version of it emailed to me. Early August, I noticed that apostrophes were not rendering correctly in the e-mails. See an excerpt below.


It’s a thing. For the month of August, WordPress’ e-mails, notifying subscribers of a new post, have been flipped out by apostrophes. It’s been annoying. Support told me to switch the site language from English, to American English and then back to English. “It’s a test. ‘Innit?
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