Sean 1

To misquote Eric Morecambe: "I'm using all the right words, but not necessarily in the right order." If you're not a member, this might be the perfect time to become one.


I put out a couple of thousand words a week here on, a portion of them reserved for Members. Membership is about supporting me as a writer, and is yours for £3 a month or £24 a year. I get some cash towards the costs of maintaining a

Camino 29: End of Camino IV

"The Camino will provide." "For everything else there's Mastercard." "You really suck the romance out it with that follow up, you know."

Living the Dream 102. Done not Perfect

It didn't look great. Together, we examined the curves. Ahmed had built them by eye, or with his eyes closed. One of the two.


I was carrying an additional 16 pounds on camino IV. All of it on my belly. Of course, the copious volume of wine consumed each night was having no negative impact on my energy levels. Pah! The very thought.

Working Tools 67 Note to Self

Notes. I'm all about Notes. I own a notebook retailer for a start. Right now, there are 14 notebooks on my desk, in use. Apple notes? 400+. Plain text files? Over 1,000. I know notes.

Camino 27. Las Herrerías

We stood in silence, taking in the views on every side. I was trying to imprint them on my mind. Beauty is contextual. At eight thirty in the morning, on the 12th of September, I stood, my best friend at my side, gulping down the perfection all around.

Working Tools 66 - SNTS

In the desire to make things easier, I am constantly drawn to new workflows, services and applications. This can be very productive and efficient.
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