Sean - Handover

“Yes - and would you believe it? Mark just so happens to be going too. To Prague. On the same weekend.” Sean was watching for any reaction, any tell, anything to give away that John already knew. Instead, he saw confusion flicker across his features.


Scary. Blimey. No wonder I'm feeling glum.

Data Matters

Markdown for the win. I'm drafting in IA Writer, making notes in Noteplan, possibly managing tasks in Noteplan, and perhaps even overseeing all three in Obsidian.

Hilton Akhmad

Sean spread his hands placatingly. “I know, Akhmad, I know. I’m new to this as you know, but I think it’s an ego thing. There must be bodyguards to show importance.”

Things that go bump in the night

The silence of the night was shredded by a crash. Cymbals? Window? What? The dogs were upright, ears cocked. Mrs L exclaimed “What was that?” The star of the show however, was me. I rolled from the bed, grabbing my trusty five iron and standing in one movement.

Dairy Queen

“That wouldn’t be wise, Sean. Look, these guys are professionals. They will do what they need to do. Their exact rules of engagement are not something that is going to be shared with me, or with you. Stop worrying about things you cannot influence.”

Reaction Times

Apocryphally, Cypriots never used to indicate lest doing so would deplete the battery. Now, it seems that somebody has announced that mobile phones only work when driving a car.

Coq au Vin

“It’s lovely that you have gone to all this effort, and I definitely think you should do it more, but you’re about to try to persuade me not to come to Prague, and I am not going to let you.”
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