Is this writer’s block?

And so ended another writing session. My ability to procrastinate never stops impressing me.

The skinny on getting skinny (ish)

A key element on the intake side is the fact that I no longer drink alcohol. Funnily enough, the benefit of a salad is somewhat undermined if its accompanied by a bottle of wine. Who knew?

Sean: Escape?

“We could run. Make them think we have been killed.” She spoke softly. “It would mean changing names, moving country, and plastic surgery of course. Not inexpensive. How would we afford it? In theory?”


Chicago, is a cute-faced domestic terrorist. Left to her own devices, she enjoys dismantling furniture, remodelling the garden, escaping the garden or indeed chewing anything and everything.

The Attention Economy

For years, I’ve been patting myself on the back for multitasking. Making tea? Do a quick tour of social media while waiting for the kettle to boil. Look at that! Dead moments turned into productive ones.

Sean: The Intercontinental

“That a Russian mafia group was taking over from us, and that all the top men were meeting here in the restaurant to celebrate the conquest of Prague. They expected a battle. Hence all the hardware.”

Anti social media

I’m keen to waste less time, or as Seneca has it, live well. As a consequence, I’m taking a look at where I spend my time. To borrow from Marie Kondo, “does it bring me joy?”

Sean. Escape

Everyone froze. All through dinner, the volume for the main dining room had grown. Male and female voices laughing. Ivan’s dancing girls had lightened the atmosphere considerably. Suddenly, and inexplicably there wasn’t a sound.
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