It is, by absolutely any measure, illegal. It costs an absolute fortune and won't work. If it did work, it would have zero impact on either migration or the small boats. Perhaps most importantly, it's repugnant.

Toenails and Procrastination

I sit now, having applied some dazzling burgundy antiseptic cream, with the toe wrapped in kitchen roll. I assume that a citation for bravery and a medal are coming in the post.

Tech Support

It’s a plot, I tell you. AI is here, and it will be the death of me. It began with my Nanoleaf shapes. They just stopped working. The controller has given up the ghost, apparently. I’ve got another one, but I’ve been avoiding the setup. My experience

Rivers of Shit

We ploughed on through, occasionally stopping to observe people in jogging pants and sneakers slip-sliding on the mud. We were of course kind and considerate and did not laugh out loud. Much.

William Hannah

I started looking for a suitable book to journal in. Given the time of year, I’m always drawn to planners and diaries. “New Year, New Journal! A planner to rule my life.”

Flank Speed

I have observed on my travels that good restauranteurs, whether they have Michelin stars or plastic plates, all share one trait. They can quickly identify which customers take food and drink seriously.

Populist Poppycock

Populism is seductive, appealing and extremely dangerous. The core appeal is that it takes immensely important, convoluted issues and pretends that there exists a solution that can be encapsulated in a single tweet.

Cruising Speed

Stu barely laughed at all as I recounted my two bathroom visits. Wiping the tears from his eyes he advised me to turn the lights on, so that we could pack and get an early start.
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