Working Tools 51. Contextual Computing

In the way of an overgrown spoilt child, I had justified to myself the need for a new computer. Apple released the M1 chip, and the benchmarks were incredible.


We left Zubiri and climbed, Laurent muttering darkly about daylight robbery. After half an hour, we dropped into the valley of the rio Arga. I could feel the kilometres in my legs, but bearing in mind the volume of wine drunk yesterday, I was in good form. “ZUT!” Not from

Living the Dream 94. I ate all the pies.

Last week, I wrote about how quitting smoking gave me an enormous boost of confidence, and led to me discovering a passion for walking. As the saying goes, “you can’t outrun a bad diet”, and you certainly can’t out-walk one.

2. Zubiri

His foot connected squarely with a German’s field mug, sending it soaring over three cubicles, until it landed and bounced, an impromptu wake up bell for the few pilgrims not already up.

Living the Dream 93. Who ate all the pies?

I was last skinny me in the nineties. I was living in Central Europe, partying hard. I ate out twice a day, and was in the pub every night. Gradually getting bigger and less fit. Unknowingly, I set patterns that remain with me now, 30 years later.


Something new for members. In 2016, I began the Camino Francés, a five hundred mile pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. The plan was to split the trek into five annual walking holidays. On camino, each day is a chapter and you dear members, will read them first.

Living the Dream 92. Covid Checkpoints

The districts of Paphos and Limassol have been shut down. Nobody in, and nobody out. Despite being neighbours, no travel between them either. Compliance is assured by roadblocks, manned by the National Guard.

Members 98.

The next generation is ALWAYS going to be much better. Apple would not be the behemoth it is, unless people believed that the “next one” is better.
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