The corner room was palatial, with windows on two sides, one looking onto Pařížská and the other to the river, the Vltava. The hotel was built in the brutalist style, and some floors were being refurbished, but this, the ninth and highest was brand new.

Brutal rugby

Sounds innocuous enough. What those phrases mean though, is brutal. Picture a big strong player. 100 Kg+ running hard and fast towards a defender. The defender, of similar size, is intent on launching himself at the attacker with sufficient ferocity to reverse his momentum.

Sean III: Back Safe

Good grief. The spectre of sobriety. Enough to drive a fellow to drink.” He spoke to the waitress in rapid Hungarian. “Take a seat, lets have a look at the menu. The pizzas are great, as are the salads. Pasta is always a bit rich here.

Notes on notes

I’d written a post on the race to be the next Prime Minister of the UK, but frankly, I lost interest. I just can’t be bothered.

Sean III: The Meeting

“Let’s keep things simple. We keep Budapest. You keep Prague.” “Ha!” Akhmad was not impressed. “You’re nothing in Prague. Your proposal is to ask us to surrender Budapest in return for what we already have.“


For decades now, money has become entirely detached from central bank reserves. This has proved really useful, for bank bail outs, pandemics and the like. “Financial crisis? Not at all. We just invented some trillions here and there.“

Sean III: The Chechens

Sean turned up his collar and stepped out of the car, closing the door quietly. The car moved off instantly. “That will be a no, then…” Sean thought. He pulled his coat tighter, shivering. Snow had begun to fall. “Dark, snowing, a secret meeting and you in a trench coat too.”

Sovereignty of the Individual

No working on Sunday? What - even the poor people? Who’ll make brunch? Or park the car? Masturbat… look. What business is this of yours? A sin you you say? Well you can go forth and multiply, my friend. If a chap fancies a hand shandy, that’s between him and his laundry-wallah.
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