As I write this, I’m a few days away from my first big homework deadline. The first module in my MBA is Organisational Behaviour, and the entire grade is based on one paper, of four thousand, five hundred words. Word-counts don’t scare me. I like writing. However, I’

Little Slips

Effortless organisation. That’s what I want. A system that’s instinctive, forgiving and easy on the eye. That’s not too much to ask for, is it? No? Well, while we’re here, I’d also like extendibility and expandability. A system that can grow with my needs.

Sean II. 40

“No offence Sean - but that’s not exactly an A1 source of intelligence.” Sean resisted the urge to punch the supercilious grin off the other man’s face. “Well, as things stand, she believes she knows what happened, while the big-shot-MI6-guy’s just shrugs his shoulders and looks clueless.”

A Failure of Logic

The single biggest risk of escalation is Putin. While he remains in power, there is a huge risk of escalation, because he will keep launching attacks, knowing that the West’s policy is appeasement, pure and simple.

Sean II. 38 & 39

“They’re dead, Sean. In bits all across the street.” She spat the words.

E-mail Workflow

Shouldn’t I be present in the moment? Disconnected from my e-mail? You people should be charging me for this. It’s like therapy.

“He started it, Miss!”

NATO’s stance is encouraging him to keep going. We are pinning our hopes on a palace coup in Russia, or a heroic victory from Ukraine. A legitimate strategy?

Sean II. 37. The Office

Kriszta’s eyes blazed. “Listen, boy,” she growled. “We’re not frightened. We know how to deal with Russians. We’ve had practice. You, though? What do you know?” Her tone softened towards the end of the sentence.
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