Excuses, excuses

Ivo, a splendid artist, took a few designs that I had found, discovered a means to cover up the old emblem and got to work. Six and a half hours over two sessions and the second piece was complete.

Death March

Spice, lead dog, has a cartoon-like hatred of cats. She only has to hear a faint mew and she tears down the garden, barking furiously.

Week Note

I can confirm that there are some parts of the body where tattoos hurt more than others. Around the elbow certainly focuses the mind, for example. Obviously, as a Stoic, I maintained an equilibrium (and whimpered quietly once I got to the car).


No - not the political party, but work. Doing stuff. This last week, I’ve relaunched my training and consultancy website, moving it onto the Teachable platform. Of late, I have only taken clients on a “retained” basis. This is by far the best value for them, and allows me


I stood next to a Cypriot man, gazing at the office plan. "Understand?" He ventured. "Not a thing. You?" He shook his head sadly.


Six canine eyes and two human ones fixed on Ratty, who returned our gaze, shocked by the appearance of three predators apparently towing a behemoth. Spice and Chicago both growled, pointing at the prey. Charlie was silent, his hackles up.

NatCon 2023

National Conservatism is utter nonsense. All of it. How exactly are transgender people a threat? What the hell is the liberal establishment? I went to public school, and I assure you, it wasn’t liberal. I’m all for free speech but it’s important to call out utter bollocks, lest it gain traction.

The Editing Process

I’m a dinosaur, and the ability to go through printed pages, marking them up strikes me as much easier than trying to complete the exercise digitally. I imagine that I’ll literally use a red pen to highlight areas that need attention.
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