Sean 2- 14, 15, 16

People talking to the police, it’s the only thing that can hurt us. Out of nowhere, you appear in Budapest, you appear in my club. I don’t know you, I don’t trust you. Wherever you go, I’m watching you. In the pub or in the embassy, I’m watching you. I know what John is. Don’t betray us, Sean.

Writing Workflow

I have set myself a goal. Every week, I will document a workflow. Just one. I find myself constantly reinventing the wheel. Partially, this is a form of procrastination, but I also have a terrible "process" habit.

Working Tools 75

I'm a digital hoarder. Corporate email from 2006? Certainly. Which month? Want to know which pub we chose for lunch on March 7th 2008? No problem. There's a whole exchange recorded for posterity.

Sean 2-11, 2-12, 2-13

“Not as far as I know. Look nothing in the proposal is illegal. It’s just good tax planning.” “Tax evasion, you mean.” “No. Tax avoidance. Evasion is illegal. Avoidance is legal.”

Working Tools 74: The Simple Things

"It's called At Your Best, by Carey Nieuwhof." The speaker went on to explain the central premise. There's green time - when we're on fire. Red time, when we're definitively not, and yellow time, somewhere in the middle. What time is what colour varies from person to person, but the

Sean 2-8, 2-9, 2-10

He stood, returning to the kitchen counter for some wine. He rested the urge to drain the bottle, took a deep breath and turned back to the couch, all smiles. “Let me top you up.” He felt her eyes searching his face as he refreshed her glass.

Sean 2-6 & 2-7.

We can’t sit with our English private educations and look down at these people. While our big companies were busy making money from the cold war, these people have overthrown the dictators that we were quite happy to leave them under.

Working Tools 73. M1 Pro/Max

Regular readers know I'm an Apple fan-boi. I've got all the kit. My desktop has the M1 chip, in the form of the Mac-mini. My laptop is the M1 MacBook Air and I have an iPad so powerful, that Apple themselves haven't yet designed any software powerful enough to challenge
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