8. Nájera

Stu awaited us at the top. He stood, contemplating a hand-drawn sign. “There is no way to happiness - happiness IS the Way!” He arched an eyebrow and rolled his tongue behind his lower lip.

Working Tools: Habit Tracking

In days, my productivity sky-rocketed. I was less anxious. More relaxed. More focused. There! Abandon all your habits for productivity. I shall write a book on it immediately. ;-)

7. Camino II: Los Arcos to Logroño

A palatable glass of wine to while away the hour or two before the flight. I had forgotten how badly a business class lounge regards a man in hiking gear and a baseball cap. I fear the monocle is not winning them over.”

Working Tools. Boiling the frog

I would recommend every single app and service above. Individually, each is excellent. However, it’s astonishing how these reasonable fees add up to an unreasonable total.

6. Los Arcos

Famed, because it’s a fountain of free wine. Seriously. It is. The theory is that the pilgrim fills their scallop shell, and sips appreciatively.

Inspire 3

"A windows minimalist markdown editor for notes and distraction-free writing." I was talking with TJ on 1857 about transitioning some of my work from MacOS to Windows. I moved in the opposite direction in 2010, and apart from a brief dalliance with a Chromebook, have been in the fruit-based ecosystem

On camino - 2016

20km into a day, hot, weary and thirsty, the sound of a bicycle bell behind can elicit violence from the most passive of pilgrims.

One Year No Beer

366 days without an alcoholic beverage. (Who would pick a leap year? Honestly.) At least it was an uneventful year...oh wait.
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