Oenophile. Not a dastardly criminal.

The mighty Wikipedia informs;

“Oenophilia (/ˌiːnɵˈfɪliə/ ee-no-fil-ee-ə; Greek for the love (philia) of wine (oinos)) is a love of wine. In the strictest sense, oenophilia describes a disciplined devotion to wine, accompanying strict traditions of consumption and appreciation. In a general sense however, oenophilia simply refers to the enjoyment of wine, often by laymen. Oenophiles are also known as wine aficionados or connoisseurs. They are people who appreciate or collect wine, particularly grape wines from certain regions, varietal types, or methods of manufacture. While most oenophiles are hobbyists, some may also be professionals like vintners, sommeliers, wine merchants, or one who tastes and grades wines for a living.”

I am not incredibly knowledgeable about wine.

On occasion I enjoy it in such volumes as to prohibit realistic memories of characteristics of nose, character and taste.

I do however truly love it. I love what goes with it, whether that be joyful sparkling times with friends or quiet contentment with a rounded velvety red.

I am an Oenophile.

What is your favourite wine?


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