Dissertation done.

After all that gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair, I got the thing done in a month. Now, it’s still possible that thing gets sent back to me covered in red pen, graded “f”, but I hope not.

Alright, I had to reorganise my life to make enough time, and I was, I admit, a mite stressed, but I got it done with weeks to spare. Christmas and travel will be much easier without the deadline hanging over me.

I’ll be applying what I learned to the editing process for Sean.

  1. Make a project plan. (In a suitable notebook, obviously.)
  2. List milestones and tasks.
  3. Determine deadlines and time-block weekly.
  4. Get on and get it done.

I’ll be working on the plan over the holidays. On balance, best I keep any dates to myself, having missed so many already.

I’ve cleared the decks work-wise and done my best to deal with all the end-of-year admin. Christmas, here we come!

Between mince pies, I’ll be slinking down to my office to reflect on the year passed and consider the one to come. I use a framework from Shawn Blanc - which I find helpful. I suspect that I shall emerge with some determination to do more work and play less golf, which bizarrely makes both activities more rewarding. But who knows? It’s a process.

So, Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, whatever your preference. I hope that everyone gets some well-earned rest. Eat, drink and be merry.

For 2024, I think we should all fight extremism and nastiness. Starting with the politicians. Whenever they intimate that things are simple, be on your guard. Things generally aren’t.

Right…Negroni time.