Thank heavens for the Edmund Burke Foundation. A Washington DC-based think tank. These lovely folk funded the National Conservatism Conference that took place in London last week. Two cabinet ministers, Michael Gove and Suella Braverman spoke, and several more Tory Members of Parliament attended. David Starkey even turned up.  (He’s an absolute prince.)

As you might imagine, a fat, privileged, white Brexit-voter like me, loved every word. Finally, people were talking about the threat posed by “Transgenderism”, “climate catastrophism”, “the liberal establishment”, “neo-Marxism”, “wokeism”, “the professoriat”, “globalists”, “big corporates”, “big tech”, “the reign of terror by cancel culture”.

Only last week I was at the golf club lamenting the growing lethality of those “Transgenders”.


(No offence. To paraphrase Billy Connolly, I know lots of words, but still prefer fuck.)

National Conservatism is utter nonsense. All of it. How exactly are transgender people a threat? What the hell is the liberal establishment? I went to public school, and I assure you, it wasn’t liberal. I’m all for free speech but it’s important to call out utter bollocks, lest it gain traction.

This populist poppycock needs to stop, not just in the UK but everywhere. The world faces enormous challenges, sorry, I mean “climate catastrophism” for example. Perhaps the concept of Trump or Johnson was funny, but the reality has been horrifying. Whether from the left or the right, we need serious leaders who will lead governments to overcome these challenges.

Jacob Rees Mogg is exactly what he appears to be. A priviliged self-satisfied oily bastard. Suella Braverman is a self-serving opportunist who wouldn’t know a principle if it slapped her in the face. That anyone believes a word from either of these people bemuses me as much as the idea that anyone could trust Trump.

All this talk of a culture war is a construct. A construct of the left and the right. I understand that there are people who experience prejudice. Alas, it has ever been thus. There are people at both ends of the political spectrum who benefit from polarisation and actively encourage it. We’re fortunate enough to live in a world where these idiots are entitled to their opinion, and they’re entitled to express it. Just as I am entitled, every now and again, to tell them to fuck off.