My meditation begins, “Welcome to the Daily Calm…”

The soothing voice comes from my iPhone. Usually, just after lunch. Full of food, I descend to my office, turn off podcasts and music and sit in my easy chair.

Tamara Levitt utters the words and guides me to my quiet place, where I spend a few minutes focusing on my breath, and several more minutes catching myself focusing on everything except my breath.

I can’t tell you whether Tamara knows what she is talking about, all I know of meditation comes from her. I can tell you that her voice is soothing.

Calm is an app. Set up by a couple of Brits in 2012, it’s a huge success story, worth over a billion dollars, last time I checked. Tamara is the Head of Content. There is a free version, but I pay £60 a year to access the full breadth of the offering.

I have “a practice”, meaning that each day, I meditate for ten minutes. Ten minutes where I tune everything else out and try to be still.

All a bit hippy, what?

Truth be told, I believe there is something to it. That ten minutes does give me a sense of peace. I do find it increases my tolerance and patience. When I miss a day, I feel the lack of it.

Calm offers an easy entry point to meditation, and I’m glad that I tried it.

Maybe you would get something from it too.