I marvel at our ability to pick a fight.

Last week, there were demonstrations against government mandates to wear masks. Some descended into violence. Of all the issues that our world faces, I struggle to understand this one.

Let’s assume, that I, flying in the face of the majority of evidence, don’t believe wearing a mask will hinder the spread of Covid 19. I'm entitled to believe that. However, the law says that in specific, limited, circumstances, I have to wear one. Is that such an imposition? Really?

On social media, the debate is polarised and venomous. Isn’t it always?

“Heard he sneezed hard around an old lady” - I just took that from my Twitter feed.

Discounting social media, I hear more and more judgement in my circles. People mocking others with a different appetite for risk.

My take.

Where the government has legislated, obey. That’s the deal in a democratic society. We adhere to the law. Be an agent of change if that’s what you desire. Protest, by all means. But do so legally.

There is a scale of precaution. At one end, there are individuals who feel that they cannot be too careful. They stay at home, they don’t take visitors, and clean any item that is to enter the house. There are others, who believe that Covid-19 is an invention of "The Man" to exert control over us. These people wish to take no precautions, and resent any restriction. Everyone is on this scale somewhere, and I suspect most are clustered around the middle.

Why would I want to judge anyone’s position? Nobody knows what will happen with Covid 19. Infection rates in Spain suggest that a resurgence is coming in Europe. Numbers in India, Brazil and the US remain high. Mortality however, appears to be dropping - perhaps as a factor of us being more prepared? Who knows what’s coming next?

Mrs L and I thrash out our personal position almost daily. Mostly, we're cautious. We limit where we go to a few select places, or places where we have observed strict anti-virus practices. We will only eat outside. Our bubble of companions is relatively small. Shopping and other “mask-required” activities are kept to a minimum.

Do I believe people going out more are reckless? No. I don’t. When I have spoken with them, their actions are considered and intentional. They are on a different point of the scale to me. I’m good with that. Do I feel that the more cautious people are overreacting? No. I have a friend who eschews any physical contact. No elbow tapping or foot touching for her. Fair enough. I’m good with that too.

We all have our opinions. We're all at different points on the scale. Why do people feel the need to assert that their way, is the right way?