In my little bubble, much is happening.

I watch, incredulous, the events in the US. I wrote earlier in the week, how I felt. I hope this is a watershed.

The Patient

Mrs L battles on with her back, slowly climbing the steep slope of recovery. Our thanks for all the good wishes from readers.

The Virus

Covid-19. Cyprus continues to progress through a relaxation-in-stages. The beaches are open, bars and restaurants too. Malls open on Monday, along with the airports. (Certain countries only.)

Touch wood, we have got away very lightly. As of the 4th of June, the figures are,

958 people infected. (794 per million of population)
17 deaths (14 per million of population)

For comparison, Italy’s infection rate is 3,867 per million and death rate 556 per million.

The Transition

Mags getting better, lockdown getting easier: I’m off to the golf course. This has brought me face to face with a whole new set of awkwardness.

My friend said,

“I’ll pick you up.”

“Ummm…I’d rather not.” I mumbled.

“We’re allowed two in a car, now.”

“Sure, but, no thanks.”

I’m still of a social distancing mindset. I understand the desire for normality to return, but in my view, the virus has not changed, there is no cure, and still no vaccine.

I look forward to seeing my friends on the golf course, in the bar, and at the restaurant. I’ll laugh, wave and give a hearty “What-ho!”. I don’t think I’ll be touching or getting overly close to anyone.

The new normal

How long will I feel like that? I don’t know. I’m nervous about bringing the virus home, but I’m also scared of passing it on outside. To me, maintaining social distancing is a low price to pay for keeping the virus on the back foot.

I’m fascinated to see how this will unfold. I’ve already heard from friends, uneasy about mutual acquaintances mingling in large groups.

Will we refrain from touching now? No more handshakes, no more cheek kisses?


I imagine that we will all become gradually more relaxed as time goes by, but what happens when someone sneezes? Or is reported to be “in bed with a cold”?

We need to rewrite the entire etiquette.